Tuesday, November 18, 2008

super soap weekend!!

on sat and sunday i worked at soap central which was an area that sold merchandise form all 3 abc soaps..
it had tshirts, photo albums, mugs, outfits, probs, etc.

on saturday there was a line to get into the place and they would let about 5 people in at a time and they had 8 registers to make the check out process easier.

when i got there at 1:30 they had nothing for me to do and told me to stock.. and of course there was nothing new to stock at that point.
i soon decided i would try to sell calenders. we had a "hot guy" calender with the soap stars in it and i opened one up and showed it off all day.

my fav. month was april... very attractive guy. (lucky from general hospital... yeah that is all i know about him)

by the end of the night we no longer had a line so guest could come and go as they pleased. (but of course we didn't have much merchandise either.

on sat. i didn't deal with any too crazy fans but me and a fellow cast member did walk around the streets of america for a bit to see what was going on (we soon found out that the stars were signing autographs and we saw how 'crazy' people get)

i got an ER from work and got to leave at 7. so me and my friend grace went to watch the parade that had the characters in it.

i have never seen hollywood blvd so packed in my life. you could barely even see the street let alone the stars in the cars that were driving by.
after the parade they all went on a stage and all you saw was an insane amount of people ruch the stage (that was set up in front of the hat)
.. it was crazy... poeple were crazy.

i didn't take any photos bc my camera died but grace did so when i get those i will put them up.

on sunday i worked at 4.
when i got there they had me as a door greater (which was my pretty much holding the door open for people).
i also opened up another calender to try to sell them.

.. this time it was a little easier bc everything was 30% off (well beside probs and outfits)

it was also VERY COLD out i had to put hand warmers in my pocket to stay warm.

standing there i got to talk to the fans a little more and find out why they actually come to these events.

my fav was when i would talk to guys and they would say they don't watch them but they are just here bc their wife watches them.

but they could name every guy in the hot guy calender and give me the simple plot outline of the soaps... like so and so had a kid that was stolen or blah blah died.

it was great. (oh i don't know if i have ever said this before but guest tell you WAY to much info when they talk to you... prob bc we are just that awesome!... or maybe i just am)

i got another ER on sunday and decided that working soap weekend was so much fun bc it was easy. bc after a certain time we ran out of everything and you didn't have to go check in the back to see if we had anything.

it was also great bc we could just stand around and talk to other cast members bc there was nothing else to do.

... i also decidedthat i love just talking to guest about there days. which i got to do a lot of this weekend. :)


  1. I attended SSW and found your blog trying to find out why it's ending. Were you at the door hawking calendars?

    If you don't mind my asking, what happens to all that soap prop stuff and the SSW signage now that the event's not coming back?

  2. yes i was the wonderful person holding the calenders when you walked into the shop.

    by the end of sunday we had very little merchandise left. anything that we did have left (ie tshirts) would go to property control where cast members can buy it for a discounted rate.
    the prop stuff we got from an outside company so we would just give that back to them.

    we were told that they are not having SSW anymore bc they are going on tour next year... who knows if that is the real reason r not.

  3. wow we really do live in a small world. that was 2 really interesting comments...

  4. awesome Kelsey. I love that someone random posted on your blog! That is so great.