Thursday, November 6, 2008

Stephanie Guest Blog

I'm at disney, visiting Kelsey and "working", kelsey has been staying with me at my hotel room since there is an extra bed which works out swell because now we can catch up on the past few months.

Today we went to Hollywood studios and I got to see where she works which was great, but not as great as the HSM3 show!!! or the magical moment where i wrote a magical message to Cinderella and got a piece of paper that documented this moment and the girl who wrote it was Italian! yay Italy. We took lots of fun pictures which you may or may not see. My favorite part of Hollywood Studios was the tower of terror it was the best ride ever!!!

After that we went to the magic kingdom and saw the parade and went to Cinderella's castle which was of course amazing (not really but in my mind it was) . Then Monique met up with us, i like monique she is great, and we all went to the monsters Inc. comedy show and Phillar magic which was awesome, we also we went to kelsey's favorite buzz lightyear ride and now i owe her ice cream because I lost the game ( but i did pretty well for a first timer)

Kelsey and I tried to find im with grumpy, im with dopey t-shirts at the Magic Kingdom but they didn't have them there and said they didn't sell them anymore at Disney but we know that they do sell them because we saw them at Hollywood Studios earlier today ,but oh well. Oh and we saw the Princesses of course. My first time meeting my favorite Cinderella! so exciting. I am pretty sure we took over 200 pictures by the end of today, some of which only include half of our heads due to the wonderful photography skills of both kelsey and myself :)

So that is the short version of what we did today, now what was i supposed to do today? well that is a different story, see i am supposed to be here for a research conference and well i skipped out on almost everything today opps but its okay because i don't present until tomorrow and i will be there all day . Plus no one goes to a lot of the things we are supposed to go to anyway. Hopefully the kid i am traveling with doesnt tell on me because that is the only way my coordinators will find out because they don't keep track of us at the conference . :)

So basically Disney world and Kelsey are amazing .


  1. that was nice steph. you had a very magical weekend....:]