Friday, November 28, 2008

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

Last Thursday me and Monique went to the Mickey’s Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom.

The night began by me and her debating for a solid 25 min. on what kind of fun hat to get. (I wanted the snowmen hat for me could put our names on the back she wanted a Santa hat) we decided on the snowman hat bc it was more ‘disney’

After debating on which hat to get we went to watch the castle to light up.
They did this right at 6:30 and the performed a little show in front of the castle. (Cinderella wanted the castle to be like her glass slipper.. so the fairy godmother made that happen for her)
Needless to say this was very MAGICAL.
We took lots of photos of this.

After that we started to wonder around getting plenty of the free cookies and hot chocalte they had out.
.. I was very impress with the perfect temperature of the hot chocolate. (Monique thought I was crazy).

We then started to meet some character including some alice and wonderland character, scrooge mcduck, Stitch, Jessie, Woody, etc.. they were all dressed up in winter gear it was cute.

And of course any Disney event doesn’t end with out my chance meeting with snow white. (I’m kind of getting a head of my self but it is exciting)
We were walking around fantasy land and had time to see one last character before the end of the night. Monique was all like who is over there… me being a freak I freaked out and was all like ‘snow white!’
Earlier in the day someone told us belle and the beast was there. (The obviously lied to us)
They cut off the line right behind us. (Needless to say this was the second magical moment of the night.)
Oh and the best part is that the prince was with her.

We also saw a couple of shows one about holidays and the other about the night before Christmas… those are always fun bc characters dress up like other characters. (ex goofy as Santa)

I also meet Santa and he made me sit on his lap with was kind of awkward.. But then again it is Santa… we also got his autograph (very exciting)
He didn’t ask me what I want though... This was a little disappointing.

They also had a parade (obviously) that was very cool. They had every character imaginable all dressed in warm winter clothes.

The Christmas party in conclusion was magical and made me miss home a lot. They sang lots of songs like i’ll be home for Christmas… which would make any more be a little sad when they are stuck in florida for the holidays.

It also snowed on main street (well it was more like foam, but whatev).
The snow was very very very magical and very pretty. I tried taking photos but they didn’t really come out. So you will just have to take my word for it.

PIctures.. let me know if the link doesn't work... it should work even if you don't have facebook


  1. sounds like lots of fun!!!

    the link didn't work for me, it strangely took my to my facebook inbox.

  2. p.s. we miss you too...and we wish you were home for the holidays :)

  3. oh and at my camp i worked at, on the third night, we sang 'let it snow, let it snow, let snow' and the kids closed their eyes and wished really hard and when they opened their eyes it was snowing inside in the middle of was pretty cool, it was foaming weird stuff too, so i imagine it was the same type of snow you saw at Disney

  4. well don't be missing the snow to much will wait for you...that camp that kaci work at was a mini disney world to those them that was about as good as it got....too bad disney don't give that camp a million or 2 would be well spent money

  5. hope the 4 minus one sloss sisters are having fun in fl. this weekend. it is 20 degrees here in iowa tonight..

  6. i am bored by your blog. you need to update. for now, I can blame it on Jeff that you haven't updated it, but eventually that excuse runs out.