Saturday, November 1, 2008

i have realized to day that as soon as the election is over i am going to have nothing to do.

politics have can of been controlling my life for the last year and a half and i am going to have nothing to religiously follow any more.

and as a warning to Stephanie i will hopefully be in an amazing mood wed. when you come but just a warning if Obama doesn't win i may go into a deep depression


  1. Funny story...I was teaching a little boy at work about the election and we looked at a calendar and learned what day it was happening on. I later asked him what happens on Nov. 4th, just to refresh his memory...he then says, "that is election day and the day I get my pills changed."

    After I typed this, it didn't seem as funny as when it happened...but it was so funny...oh yeah and then i found five dollars

  2. i hope i don't have to wait 2 hours to vote tomorrow.

  3. i also hope you don't have to wait in line for 2 hours. but i also think that would be exciting. (but of course i am weird).

  4. I got there at 8:16 was done by 8:22