Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Go Obama!!

I just thought I would express how excited I am that barack obama is the president elect and joe biden is going to be vice president.

I have been religiously watching cnn for the past two weeks, going on little sleep, and I am pretty sure I pissed off everyone of my roommate... but I loved ever second of it.

My night consisted of waking up, working out, eating, watching cnn, showing, watching more cnn, and then celebrating.
during the course of the night Pam tried taking the remote away from me when I got up to talk to my mom on the phone and I came back blankly starred at her and asked what she was doing (she wanted to see a big map of the country turning different colors... obviously she had no idea that it takes time) needless to say I made her give me back the remote.

the night followed up with my neighbors and friends thinking I’m crazy for caring about the election... but at the same time they all asked me ridiculous questions that I assumed any American should now (so I guess the one day my major isn't pointless is election day and the one day I actually feel smart is election day)

After obama had about 150 Electoral College votes I knew... well everyone knew he was going to be president... at that time McCain had barely any and Florida, Cali, and all the west coast votes hadn't been counted yet.

It was really weird bc I am not use to seeing elections being over this quickly.

After they officially projected him as the winner vista way went crazy. (I was going crazy in my apt... my roommates thought I was crazy. Of course most of them are republicans.) I walked out side and there were 100’s of people just chanting for obama.
My favorite is when they started chanting "no more bush"
I took some videos to try to put up but the computer I am using wouldn't let me.

After about 20 minutes security came and yelled at us and said that this was an automatic termination. So everyone left.

I went over to Jeremy to watch Obama speech... and it was so surreal. b/c at the moment everyone at vista was complty silent. This showed how everyone actually cared about Obama and the campaign.
I watched his speech about 3 1/2 times through out the night. It was amazing.
I missed McCain speech so I am going to have to youtube it.

After that I went to my neighbors to celebrate and I loved it b/c people who I just meet one or two times wanted to know my opinion b/c they knew I was a political science major. (And once again it made me feel smart!)

We watched some more Cnn and I realized that I have no idea what I am going to do know that the election is over with.
they did a thing where they showed clips from the last 2 years of the campaign season and it made me really sad, bc the majority of the things they showed I remember and was apart of.

I went to bed feeling really good about my self and the country. And there is nothing that could really upset me right now.

And Stephanie is coming up today which is also amazing... not as amazing but close.

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  1. =) I am glad you are so happy. I was too, except for the gay marriage ban in FL. I am quite disapointed by that.