Friday, November 21, 2008

Brown Derby

During the holidays Disney gives us wonderful cast members a book of coupons we can use at various places. There was one coupon that gives you 50 % off at a restaurant in the parks. (and of course it only allows you to go to select restaurants at select times.)

I used a 50 % off at a resort once to eat breakfast at the grand Floridian when Stephanie was here. (to give you an idea of how use full this info is you need to realize that our bill was like 20 something dollars for both of us there after the discount.)

Me and Monique decided to use ours to eat lunch at the Brown Derby at Hollywood Studios.
This restaurant is modeled after the brown derby in LA that in the golden age of Hollywood many celebrities would go to . (I remember watching an I Love Lucy episode once where she went there to eat).


Pictures on the wall... i guess they are famous people

Our reservations were around 2 and we decided we would do the whole going out to eat at a fancy restaurant thing. Where we ordered sodas, an appetizer, dessert, etc…

I allowed Monique to pick the appetizer since neither one of us had any idea about what anything was. She ordered something bc it had the word Tortillas in it. We ordered it and the waiter was like oh you want the mussels and we both looked at each other and decided we might as well get it and try it.


When we got the mussels Monique took one bite and spit it out. I ate one and then decided maybe I should try a second one thinking the first one was only bad and thinking it was suppose to be better. We then finished the 3 tortillas on the plate and left the other 7 mussels on the plate.

Luckily our waiter took them off our bill…. Very nice. Especially since we are cast members and he didn’t have to.

I ordered the BBQ chicken and Monique ordered the steak. They we both very delicious.

But the best part was the dessert we ordered the Banana White Chocolate Toffee Tower. It was delicious and I would definitely recommend it.

And to give you an idea of how much it would normally cost is that we spent 50+ dollars after our discount (including tip) for lunch (for both of us)

Oh and I think mom would appreciate this. Each time they brought us a new coke they gave us a new straw. We felt very important.

Once last thing. To show how fancy this place is we saw all the Disney ambassadors eating lunch at the restaurants at the same time as us.

There are only 2 or 1 ambassador for each park. So there was someone important from walt Disney world, Disneyland, paris, hong kong, etc.

An ambassadors is the spokes person for the park. These ambassadors were the new ones for 2009 and you can only be an ambassador once… it is kind of the ultimate Disney job.

This is also the place that guest tell me they see famous people all the time....


  1. I am so glad you used your discount on a fancy place!!!

  2. yay for eating at fancy disney places.... did the straws change colors ? lol :)

  3. that was a really nice blog. i just love your stories. I feel like I am there enjoying the experiernce with you. I am so glad you get the chance to see how other people live