Monday, October 13, 2008


I work three days this week :)

I have class on Tuesday and Wednesday (well a lecture thing on wed. it is the first one and it is about security.. more info coming soon) and Kassie (who is awesome) is coming to visit me this weekend and we are going to the Epcot food and wine festival!

so that means I can only work Sun, Mon, and Thursday... I could prob pick up an extra shift on a morning (but to be honest that is to much work).

tomorrow (or I guess today) it is my neighbor bday so I may ER from work. I'm suppose to work from 5-1:30 we have EMH: extra magic hours. which kind of stinks.  So I will prob try to leave at around 11 or so (at least that will be a 6 hr shift)

and for some reason the wonderful people at disney decided it would be a good idea to have hollywood studios be open until 9 and have 2 fantasmic almost everyday this week... which means that today I worked until 1130 and didn't get home until 1230... blah


  1. i used to get up at 4:15 am everyday, oh wait, i all ready told you that and kassie have fun this weekend

  2. where is kaci, coming in at last place