Wednesday, October 29, 2008


sunday was the last day that kassie and john were in town and we went to Hollywood studios.

Talking to mom on the phone

one of the first things we did was go to animation courtyard and draw a character. we all drew stitch, but it was mean stitch so i think he looked a little different (and when i say that i mean scary).

we sent the pictures to mom and she said jeff d. drew the best one and she also said that some of us don't know how to draw. (obviously i should have one but i think she just wanted jeff d to feel good about himself.)

we also got ice cream... which was delicious.

and then i had to go to work and kassie, jeff d, and john hung out.

Trading a pin with jeff d.... tinker bell for pirate donald

i was working outside at the hub carts so kassie came and talked to me a bit. she also managed to take some very unattractive photos of me. but it was a nice change of pace b/c i actually had someone to talk to then stand there by myself

after work i hung out with jeff d for a little bit b/c hstud was having extra magic hours. we went on toy story like 3 times and drew a couple more character (Donald and Minnie)

Jeff super excited to go on Toy Story Midway Mania

we were able to go on the ride a whole bunch since when we first got there i ran into a friend who worked there and he gave us fast passes and when we got off it was only a 20 min wait so we waited in line. and the third time we went one it was 11:55 and the park closed at 12 so there was literally no one waiting in line and it was like a 5 min wait.

Yeah my score is the one on the right