Monday, October 27, 2008


i hung out with kassie, john, and jeff d. on Saturday.

the day began by us going to buffalo wild wings and watching the iowa football game. the game was actually on a big screen tv (which was very shocking).

we ate some wings and watch iowa kick some butt.
then we played some amazing mini golf. we went to the disney fantasia mini golf course (mostly bc we have gone to the others before.
there we played the fun 'easy' side (me and jeff d played the harder side on Tuesday... be excited for another post)

mini golf soon came to an end and if you can believe it or not i did not win... i came close (and when i say close i mean i didn't lose... john lost)
after mini golf i decided we should go get ice cream at the yacht club. and a short convo later i was able to convince them all that we should get the kitchen sink sundae.
we also pretended it was johns bday and they came out and sang to him and gave him an amazing balloon. (john was slightly embarrassed).

after about 10 minutes the sundae was soon gone... and we all were shocked and felt slightly out of shape.
since we had nothing better to do i decided it would be a good idea to have everyone come to vista to help me move.
i was moving my stuff into moniques room b/c her roommate got terminated and we were told that we were getting a new roommate and i thought it would be a good idea to finally live with monique since that is what i have wanted to do since May.
(... john and jeff d did not help)
we finished that and went out to eat at house of blues.

and that was the end of the exciting Saturday


  1. a couple of things...

    i don't know if everybody really realizes how John usually wins everything, so it is a big deal when he doesn't win and an especially big deal when he loses :)

    really, you ate it in ten minutes?

    really, you only felt slightly out of shape?

    kassie told me about your roommate being termed, its exciting that you get to live with monique now

  2. I think mini golf is one area everyone can beat John. I have on several occasions. I always gloat.

    We ate that ice cream super fast. It is gross if you don't because it all melts together, and then you have mint with coffee and that doesn't taste good.