Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party.

I went to mickey’s not so scary Halloween party last night and it was 100 % amazing!! It is the most fun I have had at the parks since I have been here (well minus the time my family came up)
I dressed up as Hannah Montana (yeah I had the wig and everything) I can also say with a lot of confidence that I was the only adult dressed up as Hannah Montana.
It was amazing b/c whole families dressed up (children, adults…everyone). My favorite family was one where the gma was dressed up like the fairy god mother, the mom as Cinderella, the father as prince charming, and the daughter as a miniature version of Cinderella… it was very cute.

We got to meet a lot of different characters which was AMAXZING.

The best characters were snow white and all 7 dwarfs. I made my friends wait 30 minutes to meet them and we were the first in line to see them.
It was a little disappointing b/c they only allowed us to take a group photo (me + the other two people I was with) and I’m pretty sure the picture came out blurry… but it is still sooo very cool.

I also got TONS of candy!
And they had free face painting!

I concluded at the end of the night that it was worth the 41 dollars (with my cast discount) and I would totally let my future children go. (even though I think it is only fair that my children should have to wait until they are 21 before they get to go to Disney world.. but I will make an expectation for this event).

I went with two people I work with Jenny and Jeremy. I don’t have many picture either b/c my camera is horrible at taking night photos so we took the majority of the pictures with Jenny camera… and I will post those pics when I get them.

me as hannah and my firends jenny

when we were waiting for the parade they sang to us. (the one with the thing stuck in his head reminded me of dad)
there were a lot of photos like this (jenny and jeremy in the back ground.. he was a harry potter character)
Halloween fire works
free face painting
very funny..
lots of families dressed up like each other.. it was very cool


  1. you make a very cute hannah m. sounds like you are having a very magical time, you keep coming up up with these great adventures. remenber you didn't get to go to Disney before you were 21, but how many of your friends had a camper made out a school bus. how many of them got to live as a red neck 2 weeks at a time at a rural state you

  2. Good post Kelsey. I will have to go the the halloween party next year.