Thursday, October 2, 2008

magic kingdom

me and my friend Grace spent Wednesday exploring magic kingdom. It was a day of many first for me. and of course i took lots of photos (bc that is what i do now).
enjoy :)

We arrived at the transportation center and took the ferry over to Magic Kingdom. i have never done this before. we usually take the monorail.

This photo is why i now consider this boat ride my favorite form of transportation disney world has. obviously my camera is not that great but the view was AMAZING!

We saw the 3 o'clock parade. i think it is called where dreams come true parade. right when we arrived the snow white and the 7 dwarfs went by.
even more amazing!
The evil queen from snow white
the castle
We went on Tom Sawyer island (also a first for me) it kind of reminded me of a mix between Swiss family Robinson tree house and a camp ground.
(kaci i'm sorry to say but it was better then the tree house)
they had lots of tunnels and random things for you to do.
oh... they also had funny signs everywhere that said things in really bad English

one of the best parts is they had checker games set up everywhere.

We went on Haunted Mansion and ran into my very creepy neighbor working.

The castle at night

Me and Grace having an intense fight in front of the castle :)

... and then we decided it was necessary to try on fun hats

Yippy for toy story


and finally princesses :)


  1. didn't we all take the boat together when we were there?

  2. we took the boat to epcot from studios. but this was a two story boat... and was way cooler.

  3. So is Grace one of your roommates,or does she work with you. How did you meet her?

  4. nice photos Kelsey. I haven't met Grace. :(