Friday, October 10, 2008

free ER

at work it is corretly hard for us to make budget bc the parks close at 8:00 and no one is coming... so they are giving away ERs (early release) like candy.

so this week i left work early on Sunday and Monday even though on both of the days i went in fairly early (10 am and 845 am). on one day i only worked 4 hr and 30 min.

i realize i shouldn't do this bc i have no money but if they are going to give them away i am going to take them. bc over the summer i always wanted ERs and never got them bc they always needed you to work.

any way the conclusion to my story is that i barely get any hours now and for the next couple of weeks i will probably continue to ER which means i will have no money. (but i am 100% okay with that)
oh and here is a random pic of me, my sisters, and tinker bell.


  1. meeee firsttt.
    im working. bahhh

  2. yea for drawing tinkerbell. the other day I had some friends over and I showed off my tinkerbell drawing. they were all impressed of course.

  3. enjoy your time off, at least you are somewhere that it is fun to have time off at.

  4. where is kaci? she is in last place :-}