Thursday, October 2, 2008

Creativity and innovation

so on every Tuesday i have a class called creativity and innovation. the first week i didn't go b/c i was going to drop out of it. but then i realized that it was to late to drop the week and decided i might as well go to class.

i don't get credit for this class but i am just taking it for 'fun' the class is four hours long (yeah that is why i didn't want to take it)
but it was actually kind of interesting.....

we talked a lot about thinking outside the normal way of thinking to get ahead in life and a lot of the philosophy behind it was really interesting. (of course examples here would be great but i can't think of any :)

one thing we have to do for this class is keep a creativity journal... which in normal college i would have hated, but i am actually kind of excited about it.
i think it will be good bc it will help me remember everything i did here at disney.

i am sure i will be telling you more about the class in the coming weeks.

what i want to tell you now is how crazy my teacher is.
she had a degree in history (we actually had a discussion about political science and my future) and she went to grad school. she became a consultant at a law firm and bought a house in Florida and decided to quit her job and come work for disney
right before she moved down here sept. 11 happened and so disney put a freeze on hiring new people.

she had to start out working at a popcorn stand for about 7 months and then she was able to move up the disney ladder.

and of course now she is teacher different classes for disney...

it is one of those things where you really have to wonder about people passion to come and work for disney.
b/c there is no way i would quit a real job to come to disney world to serve popcorn to guest. :)

i am also taking a lecture/class about security that doesn't start for a couple of weeks.


  1. i'm really excited to hear more about your classes!!!!

  2. you should fit right in. you have always thought outside the box. even Dr. Kelly would say that. :-}

  3. the class sounds interesting. i am glad you didn't drop it!