Wednesday, October 22, 2008

busy weekend

so i know i promised you all many blogs about my awesome weekend but i did so much that it is impossible to blog about it all in one post. so most likely there will be a few blogs consisting of me talking about john, kassie, jeff D, and johns family.

so the best place to begin is on Friday.

we arrived at magic kingdom really really early. (well at like 10-11.. which is way to early for me).

my friend stephen came to get 3 of kassie/johns friends into the park. (one b/c he is amazing, but not as amazing as me or kassie)

we began the day by going on splash mountain which resulted in me getting more wet then i wanted to. but it was hot enough outside and i dried off pretty no one should feel that bad for me.

then we also road big thunder railroad, space mountain, the tea cups, pirates, and haunted mansion. (the typical "hey we are at magic kingdom for the day rides")

kassie had the brilliant that we should go to Hstud to ride some thrill rides. (b/c it was johns sister in law and her sister first time at disney and we wanted to give them the full experience) they road tower of terror and rockin roller coaster and then left to go to epcot.

i was told that they liked those rides the best.. which i completley understand why.

after going to MK, Hstud, checking into the resort, etc. we finally arrived at Epcot for the food and wine festival. which was pretty awesome.

at this time monique arrived and we began exploring the various different countries and the adult bevages and amazing food they had.

(kassie had to leave and pick up Jeff D. from the airport)

they John and his fam arrived at epcot and they road mission to mars again

(oh yea the first time they did it one of johns brothers friend had a protein spill on the ride... which is hilarious. so john definelty ruined another person disney vacation)

me and monique patiently waited for them while enjoying a delicious American normal disney pretzel. and finally kassie and jeff D arrived and we began to finish out exploring the epcot food and wine festival.

we had a night full of taking pics with fun hats, Chris, a donkey, and various other objects that don't move. and then sadly we found out around 10 pm that all the countries closed their shops at 10 even though they had extra magic hours.

so our food and wine experience was cut short, but it was okay bc it was still amazing.

i ended the night with a million pointless photos, amazing memories, a WALL-E tshirt and disney throw (thanks to johns fam.)

me and Kassie at epcot


... Jeff D

no need to worry there will be blogs coming about mini golf, toy story, and drawing classes.


  1. Thanks for the update. I am so glad you wrote it; otherwise, I wouldn't know about your weekend ;). Good thing I took your throw, it almost takes up a entire carry on suitcase by itself! And I am awesome! FYI for everyone other than Kelsey, I tried to convince Stephen to vote, but he has no sense of his civic duty. None at all. But he was really nice to come and let everyone in for free.

  2. your last two photos didn't show up

    kassie i hope you don't expect that much fun in iowa :)

    i don't feel at all bad about you getting wet...i got wet today to in pouring rain yet it was 40 degrees...yeah i didn't dry off

  3. i had to walk to class today in the pouring rain, and then to another class, and then home, and then to work...