Wednesday, October 29, 2008


sunday was the last day that kassie and john were in town and we went to Hollywood studios.

Talking to mom on the phone

one of the first things we did was go to animation courtyard and draw a character. we all drew stitch, but it was mean stitch so i think he looked a little different (and when i say that i mean scary).

we sent the pictures to mom and she said jeff d. drew the best one and she also said that some of us don't know how to draw. (obviously i should have one but i think she just wanted jeff d to feel good about himself.)

we also got ice cream... which was delicious.

and then i had to go to work and kassie, jeff d, and john hung out.

Trading a pin with jeff d.... tinker bell for pirate donald

i was working outside at the hub carts so kassie came and talked to me a bit. she also managed to take some very unattractive photos of me. but it was a nice change of pace b/c i actually had someone to talk to then stand there by myself

after work i hung out with jeff d for a little bit b/c hstud was having extra magic hours. we went on toy story like 3 times and drew a couple more character (Donald and Minnie)

Jeff super excited to go on Toy Story Midway Mania

we were able to go on the ride a whole bunch since when we first got there i ran into a friend who worked there and he gave us fast passes and when we got off it was only a 20 min wait so we waited in line. and the third time we went one it was 11:55 and the park closed at 12 so there was literally no one waiting in line and it was like a 5 min wait.

Yeah my score is the one on the right

Monday, October 27, 2008

i had to wear a coat today... it was cold

(kassie was right)

coming soon: photos


i hung out with kassie, john, and jeff d. on Saturday.

the day began by us going to buffalo wild wings and watching the iowa football game. the game was actually on a big screen tv (which was very shocking).

we ate some wings and watch iowa kick some butt.
then we played some amazing mini golf. we went to the disney fantasia mini golf course (mostly bc we have gone to the others before.
there we played the fun 'easy' side (me and jeff d played the harder side on Tuesday... be excited for another post)

mini golf soon came to an end and if you can believe it or not i did not win... i came close (and when i say close i mean i didn't lose... john lost)
after mini golf i decided we should go get ice cream at the yacht club. and a short convo later i was able to convince them all that we should get the kitchen sink sundae.
we also pretended it was johns bday and they came out and sang to him and gave him an amazing balloon. (john was slightly embarrassed).

after about 10 minutes the sundae was soon gone... and we all were shocked and felt slightly out of shape.
since we had nothing better to do i decided it would be a good idea to have everyone come to vista to help me move.
i was moving my stuff into moniques room b/c her roommate got terminated and we were told that we were getting a new roommate and i thought it would be a good idea to finally live with monique since that is what i have wanted to do since May.
(... john and jeff d did not help)
we finished that and went out to eat at house of blues.

and that was the end of the exciting Saturday

Friday, October 24, 2008

high school musical 3

so i promise there will be more post about my amazing weekend.
but i only have about ten minutes to be on the interent. and i thought i would use this time to show how much of a disney freak i am

..... i actually went to go see High school Musical 3: senior year last night at 12:01 am.

and the worst part is that i actually liked it.....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

busy weekend

so i know i promised you all many blogs about my awesome weekend but i did so much that it is impossible to blog about it all in one post. so most likely there will be a few blogs consisting of me talking about john, kassie, jeff D, and johns family.

so the best place to begin is on Friday.

we arrived at magic kingdom really really early. (well at like 10-11.. which is way to early for me).

my friend stephen came to get 3 of kassie/johns friends into the park. (one b/c he is amazing, but not as amazing as me or kassie)

we began the day by going on splash mountain which resulted in me getting more wet then i wanted to. but it was hot enough outside and i dried off pretty no one should feel that bad for me.

then we also road big thunder railroad, space mountain, the tea cups, pirates, and haunted mansion. (the typical "hey we are at magic kingdom for the day rides")

kassie had the brilliant that we should go to Hstud to ride some thrill rides. (b/c it was johns sister in law and her sister first time at disney and we wanted to give them the full experience) they road tower of terror and rockin roller coaster and then left to go to epcot.

i was told that they liked those rides the best.. which i completley understand why.

after going to MK, Hstud, checking into the resort, etc. we finally arrived at Epcot for the food and wine festival. which was pretty awesome.

at this time monique arrived and we began exploring the various different countries and the adult bevages and amazing food they had.

(kassie had to leave and pick up Jeff D. from the airport)

they John and his fam arrived at epcot and they road mission to mars again

(oh yea the first time they did it one of johns brothers friend had a protein spill on the ride... which is hilarious. so john definelty ruined another person disney vacation)

me and monique patiently waited for them while enjoying a delicious American normal disney pretzel. and finally kassie and jeff D arrived and we began to finish out exploring the epcot food and wine festival.

we had a night full of taking pics with fun hats, Chris, a donkey, and various other objects that don't move. and then sadly we found out around 10 pm that all the countries closed their shops at 10 even though they had extra magic hours.

so our food and wine experience was cut short, but it was okay bc it was still amazing.

i ended the night with a million pointless photos, amazing memories, a WALL-E tshirt and disney throw (thanks to johns fam.)

me and Kassie at epcot


... Jeff D

no need to worry there will be blogs coming about mini golf, toy story, and drawing classes.

Friday, October 17, 2008


so i start getting my 40 % discount soon and people need to start telling me what they want for Christmas or just as presents...

bc you all know that you will be getting disney stuff for Christmas and either you tell me what you want (or an idea like a favorite character) or you will all be getting mickey mouse ears and a mickey mouse plush :)
another blog saying i get to see kassie this weekend....
and once again you should all be jealous

i also get to see john... be even more jealous

Monday, October 13, 2008


I work three days this week :)

I have class on Tuesday and Wednesday (well a lecture thing on wed. it is the first one and it is about security.. more info coming soon) and Kassie (who is awesome) is coming to visit me this weekend and we are going to the Epcot food and wine festival!

so that means I can only work Sun, Mon, and Thursday... I could prob pick up an extra shift on a morning (but to be honest that is to much work).

tomorrow (or I guess today) it is my neighbor bday so I may ER from work. I'm suppose to work from 5-1:30 we have EMH: extra magic hours. which kind of stinks.  So I will prob try to leave at around 11 or so (at least that will be a 6 hr shift)

and for some reason the wonderful people at disney decided it would be a good idea to have hollywood studios be open until 9 and have 2 fantasmic almost everyday this week... which means that today I worked until 1130 and didn't get home until 1230... blah

Friday, October 10, 2008

free ER

at work it is corretly hard for us to make budget bc the parks close at 8:00 and no one is coming... so they are giving away ERs (early release) like candy.

so this week i left work early on Sunday and Monday even though on both of the days i went in fairly early (10 am and 845 am). on one day i only worked 4 hr and 30 min.

i realize i shouldn't do this bc i have no money but if they are going to give them away i am going to take them. bc over the summer i always wanted ERs and never got them bc they always needed you to work.

any way the conclusion to my story is that i barely get any hours now and for the next couple of weeks i will probably continue to ER which means i will have no money. (but i am 100% okay with that)
oh and here is a random pic of me, my sisters, and tinker bell.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party.

I went to mickey’s not so scary Halloween party last night and it was 100 % amazing!! It is the most fun I have had at the parks since I have been here (well minus the time my family came up)
I dressed up as Hannah Montana (yeah I had the wig and everything) I can also say with a lot of confidence that I was the only adult dressed up as Hannah Montana.
It was amazing b/c whole families dressed up (children, adults…everyone). My favorite family was one where the gma was dressed up like the fairy god mother, the mom as Cinderella, the father as prince charming, and the daughter as a miniature version of Cinderella… it was very cute.

We got to meet a lot of different characters which was AMAXZING.

The best characters were snow white and all 7 dwarfs. I made my friends wait 30 minutes to meet them and we were the first in line to see them.
It was a little disappointing b/c they only allowed us to take a group photo (me + the other two people I was with) and I’m pretty sure the picture came out blurry… but it is still sooo very cool.

I also got TONS of candy!
And they had free face painting!

I concluded at the end of the night that it was worth the 41 dollars (with my cast discount) and I would totally let my future children go. (even though I think it is only fair that my children should have to wait until they are 21 before they get to go to Disney world.. but I will make an expectation for this event).

I went with two people I work with Jenny and Jeremy. I don’t have many picture either b/c my camera is horrible at taking night photos so we took the majority of the pictures with Jenny camera… and I will post those pics when I get them.

me as hannah and my firends jenny

when we were waiting for the parade they sang to us. (the one with the thing stuck in his head reminded me of dad)
there were a lot of photos like this (jenny and jeremy in the back ground.. he was a harry potter character)
Halloween fire works
free face painting
very funny..
lots of families dressed up like each other.. it was very cool

Monday, October 6, 2008

monique famliy is in town so that means no computer for a couple of days... which means no blog updates for the next couple of days.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

magic kingdom

me and my friend Grace spent Wednesday exploring magic kingdom. It was a day of many first for me. and of course i took lots of photos (bc that is what i do now).
enjoy :)

We arrived at the transportation center and took the ferry over to Magic Kingdom. i have never done this before. we usually take the monorail.

This photo is why i now consider this boat ride my favorite form of transportation disney world has. obviously my camera is not that great but the view was AMAZING!

We saw the 3 o'clock parade. i think it is called where dreams come true parade. right when we arrived the snow white and the 7 dwarfs went by.
even more amazing!
The evil queen from snow white
the castle
We went on Tom Sawyer island (also a first for me) it kind of reminded me of a mix between Swiss family Robinson tree house and a camp ground.
(kaci i'm sorry to say but it was better then the tree house)
they had lots of tunnels and random things for you to do.
oh... they also had funny signs everywhere that said things in really bad English

one of the best parts is they had checker games set up everywhere.

We went on Haunted Mansion and ran into my very creepy neighbor working.

The castle at night

Me and Grace having an intense fight in front of the castle :)

... and then we decided it was necessary to try on fun hats

Yippy for toy story


and finally princesses :)

Creativity and innovation

so on every Tuesday i have a class called creativity and innovation. the first week i didn't go b/c i was going to drop out of it. but then i realized that it was to late to drop the week and decided i might as well go to class.

i don't get credit for this class but i am just taking it for 'fun' the class is four hours long (yeah that is why i didn't want to take it)
but it was actually kind of interesting.....

we talked a lot about thinking outside the normal way of thinking to get ahead in life and a lot of the philosophy behind it was really interesting. (of course examples here would be great but i can't think of any :)

one thing we have to do for this class is keep a creativity journal... which in normal college i would have hated, but i am actually kind of excited about it.
i think it will be good bc it will help me remember everything i did here at disney.

i am sure i will be telling you more about the class in the coming weeks.

what i want to tell you now is how crazy my teacher is.
she had a degree in history (we actually had a discussion about political science and my future) and she went to grad school. she became a consultant at a law firm and bought a house in Florida and decided to quit her job and come work for disney
right before she moved down here sept. 11 happened and so disney put a freeze on hiring new people.

she had to start out working at a popcorn stand for about 7 months and then she was able to move up the disney ladder.

and of course now she is teacher different classes for disney...

it is one of those things where you really have to wonder about people passion to come and work for disney.
b/c there is no way i would quit a real job to come to disney world to serve popcorn to guest. :)

i am also taking a lecture/class about security that doesn't start for a couple of weeks.
so i was going to write an intense blog about my class right now and exploring magic kingdom... but i have to watch the VP debate on tv tonight.
and i would multi task but that is to much work


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

kassie is awesome

Happy Birthday Kassie

love, kelsey
i have realized i have been spoiling you with my resent constant blog updates. you guys expect more out of me now... i knew i should have never given into kaci demands.

today (i believe) i am going to magic kingdom with a girl i work with. so i will update sometime tonight... and hopefully i will have photos.

oh and i went to my class (creativity and innovation) yesterday and actually kind of liked it. i will update you all on that soon (hopefully tonight)

i would do a post now.. but i still haven't figured out why i am up sooo early.