Friday, September 19, 2008


so last night i worked from 10 om to 6:30 (actually i got an ER so i left at 6:00). it was this whole new experience.

we had to re arrange our store to make room for Halloween merchandise and put up a whole bunch of new product.

i gt on the bus at 6:15 to come back home (before the sun was out) and i was the only person at the hstud stop and after they stopped at pop century i was the only person on the bus... which was nice bc i was able to lay down. by the time i got home the sun was up and i was VERY TIRED.

When i got home i went to bed right away and woke up at 11. and was really confused about life bc i could tell i was tired but i couldn't remember why.... very confusing.

anyway now i have got my 8 hours of sleep and is very excited to hang out with kassie!! (be jealous)


  1. i am jealous...

    i once again reign as the first to post :)

  2. but I actually had another guest blog! (this is Kassie)