Sunday, September 21, 2008

stephen doesn't vote

so my lame BFF next door doesn't vote. he also says that he will never vote.. even in local elections. (he did say he would register to vote if i ran for something, but still wouldn't vote for me).

basically i hate him for multiple reason one being that he doesn't vote and he is going to iowa city next month for a wedding.. :(

ps.. he also worked at a summer camp this summer and told all the little kids that he was an astronaut and they believed him.
he told them that he was going up to space with a monkey, named zippy, who knew sign language. he did not know sign language but he told them the other astronauts knew it.
(basically stephen liked to lie about himself to make magical moments happen)

stephen replies; "SUWOOOOOP!"


  1. im sooo not showing him around now...even I vote

  2. i don't even know what to say as frustration is welling up inside of me

  3. thanks kinsey... I'm looking forward to hangin' wit you


  4. Stephen you should vote.

    - Kassie

  5. this is america, people have the right to vote or not to vote. What period of history did your generation grow up in?