Wednesday, September 17, 2008

random nick names

so i promised in a forward that my mom sent out that i would explain the random nicknames i have.
i don't think this really deserves a post, but now that i have a new devotion to my blog i feel like these random post are necessary.

so at the beginning of the summer i woke up to a note on my door that said something like "warning: lizard in the bath room. just use roommates bathroom until it comes out"

i was not okay with this sign so i opened up our bathroom door and proceeded to try to catch the little lizard for the next 5 minutes.
finally i trap it under a glass and the next thing i know the lizard is shaking like crazy and i cut off its tail.
so i killed a lizard on accident and hence got the nickname lizard slayer. (my roommate erika had a whole song that kind of went "kelsey the lizard slayer she is the best")

the other nickname i have is wendy.
i forgot my name tag one day at work so i wnet to costuming and checked out a name tag.
i got Wendy from Orlando, Fl.

i am pretty sure that i have seen 5 other people with this name tag but for some reason at work this one girl always calls me wendy.
it is kind of bad bc me and this girl are friends now so she calls me wendy in random conversations and our fellow cast members are allways like why does she call you that.
and then we have to explain it to them

so that is it.

... i am sure kaci is loving all my recent post.
(i told you i was trying to update it more)


  1. you read my mind...

    i think your facebook status needs to change to shamelessly promote your new updates on your blog

    i still laugh when i hear the lizard slayer story...

    did you see my email about the dead man?

  2. yeah i saw it.. i forgot about the random guy dying at the j. edwards event.
    (but he told us that he was okay.. and i still believe him even if he is a cheater) :)

  3. oh kelsey i love your stories you tell them so well and i am going to start calling you wendy but that might get confusing if you and my sister are both at your house at the same time since your mom likes to call my sis wendy too :)

  4. first off OMG i'm using steph's new macbook and it's so cool....

    but i also LOVE your stories kelsey.
    steph and i sat in her room here laughing out loud reading are a talented storyteller :)

    i wish we could be clever and come up with a cool nickname for you

  5. so i talked to my mom today and she was talking about wendy.. and it confused me soooo much.

    ps.. when did you get a mac book.

  6. wow kelsey you have really been on the ball. i am so impress, love your stories. i sent you a pkg look for in a couple of days..allison and steph-happy to see you girls taking a break from studying.