Thursday, September 18, 2008


so last night we went to BW3 and decided to walk home bc we were to lazy to wait for the bus. it was only like a 15 min walk and we totally almost beat the bus home (john would be proud).

we took random photos.... enjoy
me and monique sitting on a fountain outside bw3.. we took this photo just for steph... to make fun of her million fountain photos she took in Italy

there was a perkins.... i had to take a photo next to it

Jessica's I'm walking under neath a scary bridge face


We stopped by to get snacks at the gas station by vista way. they charged us 1.19 for these nacho things even though it said it was only 99 cents on the package. if we would have been at hy-vee we would have gotten them for free. we were not very happy about it. :)


  1. that first pic is really good of you (actually what pic isn't really good of you...) See you tomorrow!


    i saw this blog and thought of you :)

  3. hey its not my fault there were fountains everywhere lol its how we knew where to go every fountain had its own little plaza to go hang out in lol but cute pic