Saturday, September 20, 2008


today after the iowa game me, kassie, and monique were looking for something exciting to do. first we went to Verizon wireless store and kassie ruined two different people magical moments at the Verizon store... but that is a story for her to tell.

i think she was just soo mad about the iowa game that she had to take her anger out on someone and the lucky people at verizon were her target.

it is okay b/c i still love her and she was in a much better mood after that.
so i told kassie we should go to pita pit and she thought it was a brilliant idea. so we drove the 29.5 miles to the nearest pita pit.
and of course i took photos to remember the event. arriving at the orlando, fl pita pitthe graphics i have come to love in iowa city... notice the ucf sign (i pictured an iowa one there)
kassis being VERY excited
i was even more excited
monique didn't understand that pita pit is a quick place where you don't really ask for extras... she sat down with 2 different side sauces (i didn't even know you could do that).
she also got another sauce on the side after she started to eat it.

me enjoying the delicious pita pit

monique with her side sauces.. she seems very confused at this point. but i think she loved it!

see. monique being more excited then me. (i think it might have just been that she was away from disney, but i like to think it is bc pita pit has that power over you)

Just in case you didn't believe me....

before leaving... i have never seen a funny looking bacon face before so i needed to take a pic of it (and now that i think about it, if there is one in IC i am going to feel like an idiot)


  1. for some reason i could easily believe that kassie could ruin somebody's magical moment while at the verizon store...i'm pretty sure i witnessed that at that iowa state fair (that is if the iowa state fair produces magical moments). But I am excited to hear kassie's story

  2. she also shared that story with me

  3. i didnt know you could get one side let alone two side sauces