Monday, September 8, 2008

night of joy

so this past weekend Hollywood studios had an event called night of joy where they had christian rock bands come and preform. this event took place on friday and Saturday and started a little after 6. on friday i worked in the morning so did not have the 'pleasure' of working the event. on Saturday i came in at 1:45 and was only schedule to 8 but i extended til 2:00 (it was my first 12 hours shift.. and that was an experience all it own).

during the night i was in the money room (counting down the registers for the night) since there was so many people we really were not allowed to close any registers until 1:45 (am) so i didn't get to leave work until 2:50... it was the quickest/longest money room experience ever.

so anyway bc of that we had a lot of time where me and the other person just kind of stood and cover people break.
during the night i dealt with more rude people then i have ever dealt with at disney. i had once guest tell me i should be fired bc i didn't know the answer to something and i had another one who cut in front of a whole line of people and while i was helping another guest ordered me to check them out bc they needed to catch the bus.

the majority of the guest were middle school and high school age people and i have learned that if you are under the age of 18 you are not capable of standing or thinking by yourself.
so that kind of explains the rudeness of the general group, but the above examples were people who were adults.

maybe it is bc these disney guest didn't really come in for the disney experience.. but just for the concert so they don't understand how disney is suppose to work.

i also was scheldule to work at 9:45 the next morning which i wasn't very happy about... but they changed my time to 11... so i got about 4 1/2 hour of sleep.

i did enjoy the high astomsphere of the event with the bands and the majority of them were good... but i could definitely go with out the massive group of people.


  1. you are going to have a huge paycheck ;)!!! That is a lot of overtime.

  2. well we both beat kaci this time. i think Kaci would have really enjoyed that concert, i think i would have to. I hope you got to catch up on your sleep.