Monday, September 15, 2008

new devotion to my blog

so i realized that i have been slacking on this whole blog thing but i have decided that i have plenty of stories to tell everyone that i haven't been writing about

so this all came about bc i meet a random person from iowa last week.

... so i was walking to go to a friends place and i saw someone wearing an iowa tshirt. at first i wasn't going to approach them but i decided that i should.
and basically we had a conversation that consisted of us telling each other were we are from (she goes to uni) and exchanging numbers and saying we should hang out on sunday.

along came sunday and we went to Animal kingdom (dak) and she informed me that she had a blog and she was telling me the random things she puts on it and i decided that i could be more like her and write more random things.

so my random story from hanging out with the girl from Waterloo is that eating ice cream in florida weather takes talent... and i have that talent.

we had an in depth conversation about ice cream and how i love it and how she has never got it in the parks. the reason she doesn't get it is bc she works in custodial and knows how messy it gets.

she says she doesn't want to get it bc she is doesn't want it to melt and get all over her and she doesn't want to drop it.... but i convince her to get it after about 20 min of conversation.

so i order my ice cream (a twist in a waffle cone!) and she orders the same. in less them 30 seconds she manages to drop half of her ice cream on the ground and gets it on herself.

of course she gets another free cone (the disney way) and we sit down to eat it. i manage not to drip it on my self once and she is basically covered in chocolate goodness.

we concluded that eating ice cream in the sun is something that takes three months of living in florida to understand.


  1. excellent blog post...

    ps blog ettique...when you mention another persons blog you should always put a link to their blog :)

  2. i don't know the other person blog... so that is why i didn't mention it.

  3. good stuff Kels. We'll have to get ice cream on Saturday ;)