Tuesday, September 16, 2008

mickey's not so scary halloween party

so a couple of weeks ago (i know i realize i am late with this post) they had a rehearsal for the parade that is going to be used for the mickey's not so scary Halloween event and only cast members were allowed to go to this rehearsal.

so mickey not so scary Halloween is an event they have twice a week at magic kingdom were the park closes at 7 and if you want to stay later you have to buy an extra ticket to get into the park.

they have trick-r-treating, people can dress up, a whole bunch of characters dressed up (aka mickey as a pirate of something), it is kind of like Halloween but with a disney twist.

so one Wednesday night they had a rehearsal for the parade and the headless horsemen going down main street. they asked cast members to come and view the event bc they wanted to record it and use it as advertisement.
this is the first time that i actual felt like i was getting something special from being a cast member and the first time i realized how many cast members disney actual had.

i didn't realize this event was going to take place until after i was already at magic kingdom watching the fire works (that is why there will be no photos). but they had us all go to ToonTown after the parked closed and wait for the guest to clear out.

at about 12 they let us all go to main street and it was so cool to see bc when we were walking to toontown there was nobody on main street (which was very eerie.. seeing the castle and no one in front of it) and now there were 100's of grown adults being just as excited as little kids.

so we waited for about 20 minutes and finally they had the headless horsemen come out.. which was really cool. it was one of those things were he was only out for like a second and if you blinked you missed it (which is very not like disney at all)

and then we waited for about another 20 minutes and they started the parade. which was the coolest parade i have ever seen. they had floats devoted to the haunted mansion with dancing ghost, one devoted to the pirate of the Caribbean ride, one devoted to disney villains, and they started out the parade with snow white (... which of course i love)
they just had a whole bunch or random semi-scary characters do really cool dances.
so i believe that when it comes to parades the themed parades are the best. :)

and if any of you were going to come to disney world and had money to spend on a ticket i would do it. i am pretty sure me and some of my friends are going to spend money and go one night... and i have already seen the parade.
(i think i really just want a reason to dress up like a character.. right now i am debating between hannah Montana and snow white)

if i was great a blogging i would give you a link to the parade on you tube (but since my Internet is slow and impossible to load any kind of online video) that is not going to happen. i could give you a random link to one that i think may be okay but i will never know what the quality of it would look like.

so here ia a random youtube video of the cast preview (that you were to take videos at) it shows the villain part of the parade. (and you can see how crazy the cast members sound)

so here as a random link i found that seems to have photos and a better description of the events


enjoy :)


  1. two posts in one day...that was an awesome post!

    way to show links :)

  2. I am amazed by your new devotion. I am loving it!! Maybe John and I will try to go to the not so scary party...