Thursday, September 25, 2008


kassie thought i should do a post about some of the lingo i use in my blog...

so here it goes.

ER: early realise. at work you can put in an 'er' request if you want to leave early. if you ever talk to me on the phone you will here my say things like. "i got an er" which just means that i got to leave work early.

extend: is the opposite of 'er' which just means you requested to stay longer. sometimes they can mandatory extend you with out your approval.

money room: is where you count down the registers. basically i am in charge of counting the register to 400 and then depositing rest of the money into a machine. sometimes they mandatory extend you to be in the money room.

Bump out: so i haven't use this yet bc i didn't want to explain it. a bump out is what you get about 15-5 minutes before your shift ends. we sign into a computer to get assignments and most of the time you taking over someone going on break or you are "bumping out" a fellow cast member.

extra magic hours: is when a specific park stays open for 2-3 hours after park close (or an opens an hour early). you can only be in the park if you are staying at a disney resort. we like calling it extra tragic hours

magical moments: every cast members is required to do 2 magical moments a day. the magical moments i have in my stores are writing a magical message to your favorite character, Hollywood hand print, or movie trivia. when a guest completes a magical moment you give them a certificate saying they had a magical moment.

pin trading: i don't really know if this goes under lingo but i am giving you a definition. so pin trading is something almost every cast members has to do. we are given a lanyard with 9-12 pins on it and we trade them with guest. a normal pin cost 6.95 and a guest can trade that pin for any other pin a cast member may have. (if you buy sets pin are a little cheaper) the idea is that you can trade for a better pin. the reason pin trading has become so popular is bc there is many pins that you can only get from cast members and you can not buy.
you are also given pixie dust pins (kaci has one) which you can give to a person for a magical moments. i have also given a guest a pin off my lanyard to make their "magical moment" (the managers do not like you to give away you pins though)

CP: college program

Protein Spill: when someone throws up we call it a protein spill

alpha unit: fancy name for when you need to call 911

My Friday: my last day of work before having two days off

DAK: disney animal kingdom

MK: magic kingdom

hstud: Hollywood studios. my friend Derek came up with this.. and i like it so i use it.

awesome: me... lol

okay so that is all i can think of right now. i am sure i will have more later. :)


  1. i like protein spill the best. Medical places should use that term,sounds so much better. Thanks for the education klesey.

  2. i also like protein spill the best.

  3. i like awesome the best.

    do i win?

  4. also, some may trade their pins for an ugly one and kelsey might get mad/annoyed.

    but i think its cute:) (:

  5. kinsey you won until you made fun of me getting annoyed with you trading for an ugly pin. :)