Friday, September 19, 2008

Kassie's Second Guest Blog

Kelsey and I are watching the Iowa game right now. The first quarter of the game was pretty horrible, but the second quarter is improving from the Iowa perspective. Hopefully it continues getting better.

Last night we went to Hollywood studios with Kelsey. We rode the Toy Story ride twice, which was pretty much awesome. Kelsey has two fast passes. She is so cool. Kelsey won the first time, and John won the second time. I did very poor on the first game, only 80k points, but in the second one I got 120k. A pretty good improvement.

We also ate at Sci Fi Cafe. It was pretty cool, inside it is like a drive in movie theatre. John and Kelsey both ordered Cheese Burgers even though they weren't on the menu. Disney makes everything magical. (picture to the left)

We also went to Epcot. Kelsey rode the intense Mission Space. Last time she road it, she blamed John on ruining her disney vacation. This time she actually liked it. We also road Soarin'. The line was very slow moving and John got very grumpy in it. I blame it on the double scotch he had earlier, but he claims it was not due to the scotch.

They were already setting up for food and wine. I am excited for that. It is a really cool event that Epcot has. We are coming back in a couple weekends for that. Jeff D is also coming, and a couple of my friends from Jacksonville. John's brother Mike and his wife will also be here. So that should be pretty much awesome.


  1. i want to see some pictures from the day.

    i'm glad you guys got to hang out!!!!