Thursday, September 18, 2008

Iowa Rocks


so on satuday during the iowa v iowa state game... i had to work. :(
i had allison text me updates during the game and i had my phone with me at work.
that day i had to work outside at the hub carts and so i couldn't really look at my phone but i checked it every 20 minutes.

after i received the text from her saying that we won... i saw two people wearing "beat iowa" tshirts.
being the hawkeye fan i am and forgetting i was working at disney. i yelled "how about them hawkeyes"
they walked over to me and said something along the lines "oh we still have a chance"
i responded "actually you just lost we won!"
they didn't seem very happy with me... but i love the fact that i could tell someone in florida that iowa state didn't win. i am sure i ruined their magic. but i am okay with that


  1. again i beat Kaci. in all said and done since i am the only one not working i guess i should be first. i like both schools but if they are playing anybody else out of the state. i want anybody from the state of iowa to win no matter what the game is..because we are the best state in the union..

  2. so my thoughts on the didn't win because you guys were won because we lost and sucked it you can make fun of me all you want about how I lost, but can't brag about how you won :)

  3. mom, i was not replying to your comment but kelsey's post...i know you went to isu :)

  4. hey i was texting you updates my phone died so i told allison what to text you lol