Thursday, September 18, 2008

bye bye HSM2

so at hstud we use to have this float go by about 10 times a day that did a show based on the high school musical 2: schools out.

the float would stop right by the hat a do a 25 minute show were they would sing various songs from the movie... and since i work at the hub carts right by the hat i have learned those songs.

on Saturday they had there last performance of HSM2 bc they are getting ready for HSM3. (they are going to have a new performance when that movie comes out).

i had the "pleasure" of working at the hub carts on Saturday and i go to see the second to last performance (not the last one bc i got my break when that one was coming on).

the performance was okay... nothing great but it was really sad since it was these cast members last performance of this show that they have been doing since forever.

anyway the moral of this story is working out side is really boring now since i no longer have HSM2 to listen to at work... so yesterday when i worked at the hub carts the most exciting thing that happened was the 3 o'clock parade and the 5 character greetings. and being scheldule from 2:20 to 8:30 was a really boring shift.

it also didn't help that i had to explain to a handful of children that HSM2 is no longer going on.. and ruin their magical moments.

i am also a little upset that i know songs from HSM2 and am never going to be able to use this knowledge again in my life... basically it is taking up to much space in my head. :(
ps.. i am sure kinsey loves this photo


  1. WOW. kaci must be really slow today. She might be busy working. nice blog today kels. I am getting such special Disney moments by reading them. love ya mom

  2. mom i think you mean you are having magical moments :)