Saturday, September 20, 2008

august 23, 2009

so next year disney theme is going to be "What will you celebrate?"

what i got from the website is that disney wants people to come to the parks to celebrate important events in their life and they want to try to make these events more magical for their guest.

the best part of this is the follow...

quoted from disney website: "And to kick it all off, Disney Parks announced a first-ever opportunity for Guests to receive free admission to one of the theme parks of the Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort on their birthday in 2009. "
as soon as a found this out i decided that me and stephanie are going to spend our birthday (aug. 23) at disney world. (steph, i thought you would enjoy it)
i believe this is much better then a "happy birthday" button
i added a link.. bc i know how much kaci loves it!


  1. august 23, 2009 will be the best day of the entire year!!! i love the idea
    PS it was good we hung up when we did because my phone died like 2 seconds later :)

  2. there is a way you can make the words you type become a link...i think you should figure out how to do that. like change quoted from disney website to be the hyperlink (i'm not sure what that means) for that particular should teach yourself that tonight :)

  3. remember when you said i should have my bday party at disney world. i now think it is worth it.