Wednesday, September 17, 2008

another ice cream story

so to add on to my ice cream story that i mentioned earlier.
so when me and this girl were wondering around dak (disney animal kingdom) trying to find ice cream. we stopped and asked a random cast member who worked at an outside food location were to find some at.

next thing i know i look at her name tag and it says "university of iowa" so basically i freak out and start asking this girl random questions about iowa and where she lives.
she wasn't as excited as me to find another person from iowa.. but i was

i found out she lives in building 7 and i live in 9 which is right across from me.
she told me that she came down here with someone else from iowa and seemed really freaked out that i was talking to her so i didn't get any more of her info.
but i know were she lives so i may randomly go visit her someday.


  1. wow, three posts in one are on a roll

    i would be excited too if this happened to me.

  2. she must not have realized that you are kelsey sloss a very big deal here at the U of I
    and i am using allsions account now lol