Sunday, September 21, 2008

another guest blog from Kassie

So I am at home right now, not with Kelsey. I just logged into her account without her permission... (and I began my blog with So, just the way Kelsey does) :)

I felt the need to log into her blog to tell the verizon wireless story.

We went to verizon because Kelsey's phone sucks! She is on like her 4th one of the same design because it keeps on breaking. When we got there, the line was SOOOO long for customer service. It always is! That frustrates me from the get-go. Since the line was so long, I decided to call verizon customer service to discuss another issue unrelated to Kelsey's phone.

When I added Kelsey and Kinsey to my family plan way back when, for some reason Kelsey's line became the main line eligible for "new every two." The new every two basically gives you a credit on a new phone every two years. Well, I called to get my number switched to the number that gets this credit. I subsidize Kelsey's life enough ;). I had him do all of the work to switch it to me, and then I asked "so I can go get my new phone today, right?" His response was "no, you can in 20 months." Well there was no point in making the switch then, so I made him unmake the switch. His tone indicated he was very very annoyed at me. Well, I was annoyed at him too.

Then I got back in line with Kelsey. She was actually up getting helped. I stepped in just in time... the guy was just telling Kelsey her warranty was up, and she would have to pay $50 for a replacement phone. I then CALMLY explained to the customer service guy that he was being ridiculous, and that her phone was complete crap and it doesn't matter her warranty is up. The guy went to talk to his manager and they probably complained about what a b**** I am. But the end result was she didn't have to pay the $50.

I read in Kelsey's discount book that she gets 20% off of verizon service as a cast member. I only get 8% as a BCBSF employee. Since Kelsey's line is the main line, I asked if we can get the cast member discount. He was not flexible on that issue, since Kelsey's line is in my name (for reasons unknown to me) they cannot use her employer discount.

Bottom line is verizon drives me insane!!!

Then we went to Pita Pit and everything was okay.


  1. oh Kassie...I wish I could have been a fly on the wall :)