Thursday, September 25, 2008

hollywood studios

So after i got off work the other day i walked around hollywood studios and took random photos for you all!
Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
aerosmith rock-n-roller coaster
random sorcerer mickey

Toy Story midway mania
Kermit the frog!! outside the Chinese theater
sorcerer hat


kassie thought i should do a post about some of the lingo i use in my blog...

so here it goes.

ER: early realise. at work you can put in an 'er' request if you want to leave early. if you ever talk to me on the phone you will here my say things like. "i got an er" which just means that i got to leave work early.

extend: is the opposite of 'er' which just means you requested to stay longer. sometimes they can mandatory extend you with out your approval.

money room: is where you count down the registers. basically i am in charge of counting the register to 400 and then depositing rest of the money into a machine. sometimes they mandatory extend you to be in the money room.

Bump out: so i haven't use this yet bc i didn't want to explain it. a bump out is what you get about 15-5 minutes before your shift ends. we sign into a computer to get assignments and most of the time you taking over someone going on break or you are "bumping out" a fellow cast member.

extra magic hours: is when a specific park stays open for 2-3 hours after park close (or an opens an hour early). you can only be in the park if you are staying at a disney resort. we like calling it extra tragic hours

magical moments: every cast members is required to do 2 magical moments a day. the magical moments i have in my stores are writing a magical message to your favorite character, Hollywood hand print, or movie trivia. when a guest completes a magical moment you give them a certificate saying they had a magical moment.

pin trading: i don't really know if this goes under lingo but i am giving you a definition. so pin trading is something almost every cast members has to do. we are given a lanyard with 9-12 pins on it and we trade them with guest. a normal pin cost 6.95 and a guest can trade that pin for any other pin a cast member may have. (if you buy sets pin are a little cheaper) the idea is that you can trade for a better pin. the reason pin trading has become so popular is bc there is many pins that you can only get from cast members and you can not buy.
you are also given pixie dust pins (kaci has one) which you can give to a person for a magical moments. i have also given a guest a pin off my lanyard to make their "magical moment" (the managers do not like you to give away you pins though)

CP: college program

Protein Spill: when someone throws up we call it a protein spill

alpha unit: fancy name for when you need to call 911

My Friday: my last day of work before having two days off

DAK: disney animal kingdom

MK: magic kingdom

hstud: Hollywood studios. my friend Derek came up with this.. and i like it so i use it.

awesome: me... lol

okay so that is all i can think of right now. i am sure i will have more later. :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

work at 6 am

i have to work at 6 this morning.
this means i have to catch the 5 am bus
which means i have to get up at 4 am

.. this is not very magical of disney

Sunday, September 21, 2008

stephen doesn't vote

so my lame BFF next door doesn't vote. he also says that he will never vote.. even in local elections. (he did say he would register to vote if i ran for something, but still wouldn't vote for me).

basically i hate him for multiple reason one being that he doesn't vote and he is going to iowa city next month for a wedding.. :(

ps.. he also worked at a summer camp this summer and told all the little kids that he was an astronaut and they believed him.
he told them that he was going up to space with a monkey, named zippy, who knew sign language. he did not know sign language but he told them the other astronauts knew it.
(basically stephen liked to lie about himself to make magical moments happen)

stephen replies; "SUWOOOOOP!"

another guest blog from Kassie

So I am at home right now, not with Kelsey. I just logged into her account without her permission... (and I began my blog with So, just the way Kelsey does) :)

I felt the need to log into her blog to tell the verizon wireless story.

We went to verizon because Kelsey's phone sucks! She is on like her 4th one of the same design because it keeps on breaking. When we got there, the line was SOOOO long for customer service. It always is! That frustrates me from the get-go. Since the line was so long, I decided to call verizon customer service to discuss another issue unrelated to Kelsey's phone.

When I added Kelsey and Kinsey to my family plan way back when, for some reason Kelsey's line became the main line eligible for "new every two." The new every two basically gives you a credit on a new phone every two years. Well, I called to get my number switched to the number that gets this credit. I subsidize Kelsey's life enough ;). I had him do all of the work to switch it to me, and then I asked "so I can go get my new phone today, right?" His response was "no, you can in 20 months." Well there was no point in making the switch then, so I made him unmake the switch. His tone indicated he was very very annoyed at me. Well, I was annoyed at him too.

Then I got back in line with Kelsey. She was actually up getting helped. I stepped in just in time... the guy was just telling Kelsey her warranty was up, and she would have to pay $50 for a replacement phone. I then CALMLY explained to the customer service guy that he was being ridiculous, and that her phone was complete crap and it doesn't matter her warranty is up. The guy went to talk to his manager and they probably complained about what a b**** I am. But the end result was she didn't have to pay the $50.

I read in Kelsey's discount book that she gets 20% off of verizon service as a cast member. I only get 8% as a BCBSF employee. Since Kelsey's line is the main line, I asked if we can get the cast member discount. He was not flexible on that issue, since Kelsey's line is in my name (for reasons unknown to me) they cannot use her employer discount.

Bottom line is verizon drives me insane!!!

Then we went to Pita Pit and everything was okay.

rain rain ...

i miss the rain.

i have come to enjoy the 4 o'clock showers we would get every day during the summer and now they have decided to stop.

now it is hot and humid outside and their is never any daily relief from the rain. (i guess you should keep in mind that it doesn't cool down during the night... but during the day it is just as hot.)
i have concluded that what is it like outside now is what iowa is like during the summer.

but i miss playing in the rain.... :(


i am finally a fantastic cast member.

when you do something "fantastic" at work they give you this card saying how you are doing a great job and you can enter it into a drawing to win a prize.

i got one for changing my time i was working on Thursday to help them rearrange the store.

i am pretty sure that everyone i know has gotten one and i thought i would never get one even though i am the best cast member at disney world.... but now i have a card telling me that i am great. (it is awesome)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

august 23, 2009

so next year disney theme is going to be "What will you celebrate?"

what i got from the website is that disney wants people to come to the parks to celebrate important events in their life and they want to try to make these events more magical for their guest.

the best part of this is the follow...

quoted from disney website: "And to kick it all off, Disney Parks announced a first-ever opportunity for Guests to receive free admission to one of the theme parks of the Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort on their birthday in 2009. "
as soon as a found this out i decided that me and stephanie are going to spend our birthday (aug. 23) at disney world. (steph, i thought you would enjoy it)
i believe this is much better then a "happy birthday" button
i added a link.. bc i know how much kaci loves it!


today after the iowa game me, kassie, and monique were looking for something exciting to do. first we went to Verizon wireless store and kassie ruined two different people magical moments at the Verizon store... but that is a story for her to tell.

i think she was just soo mad about the iowa game that she had to take her anger out on someone and the lucky people at verizon were her target.

it is okay b/c i still love her and she was in a much better mood after that.
so i told kassie we should go to pita pit and she thought it was a brilliant idea. so we drove the 29.5 miles to the nearest pita pit.
and of course i took photos to remember the event. arriving at the orlando, fl pita pitthe graphics i have come to love in iowa city... notice the ucf sign (i pictured an iowa one there)
kassis being VERY excited
i was even more excited
monique didn't understand that pita pit is a quick place where you don't really ask for extras... she sat down with 2 different side sauces (i didn't even know you could do that).
she also got another sauce on the side after she started to eat it.

me enjoying the delicious pita pit

monique with her side sauces.. she seems very confused at this point. but i think she loved it!

see. monique being more excited then me. (i think it might have just been that she was away from disney, but i like to think it is bc pita pit has that power over you)

Just in case you didn't believe me....

before leaving... i have never seen a funny looking bacon face before so i needed to take a pic of it (and now that i think about it, if there is one in IC i am going to feel like an idiot)

Friday, September 19, 2008

kassie is way into iowa football

so iowa losing ruined kassie's magical disney world experience...

but she says she will get over it.
i will post another blog when i have more info on the situation.

Kassie's Second Guest Blog

Kelsey and I are watching the Iowa game right now. The first quarter of the game was pretty horrible, but the second quarter is improving from the Iowa perspective. Hopefully it continues getting better.

Last night we went to Hollywood studios with Kelsey. We rode the Toy Story ride twice, which was pretty much awesome. Kelsey has two fast passes. She is so cool. Kelsey won the first time, and John won the second time. I did very poor on the first game, only 80k points, but in the second one I got 120k. A pretty good improvement.

We also ate at Sci Fi Cafe. It was pretty cool, inside it is like a drive in movie theatre. John and Kelsey both ordered Cheese Burgers even though they weren't on the menu. Disney makes everything magical. (picture to the left)

We also went to Epcot. Kelsey rode the intense Mission Space. Last time she road it, she blamed John on ruining her disney vacation. This time she actually liked it. We also road Soarin'. The line was very slow moving and John got very grumpy in it. I blame it on the double scotch he had earlier, but he claims it was not due to the scotch.

They were already setting up for food and wine. I am excited for that. It is a really cool event that Epcot has. We are coming back in a couple weekends for that. Jeff D is also coming, and a couple of my friends from Jacksonville. John's brother Mike and his wife will also be here. So that should be pretty much awesome.


so last night i worked from 10 om to 6:30 (actually i got an ER so i left at 6:00). it was this whole new experience.

we had to re arrange our store to make room for Halloween merchandise and put up a whole bunch of new product.

i gt on the bus at 6:15 to come back home (before the sun was out) and i was the only person at the hstud stop and after they stopped at pop century i was the only person on the bus... which was nice bc i was able to lay down. by the time i got home the sun was up and i was VERY TIRED.

When i got home i went to bed right away and woke up at 11. and was really confused about life bc i could tell i was tired but i couldn't remember why.... very confusing.

anyway now i have got my 8 hours of sleep and is very excited to hang out with kassie!! (be jealous)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

bye bye HSM2

so at hstud we use to have this float go by about 10 times a day that did a show based on the high school musical 2: schools out.

the float would stop right by the hat a do a 25 minute show were they would sing various songs from the movie... and since i work at the hub carts right by the hat i have learned those songs.

on Saturday they had there last performance of HSM2 bc they are getting ready for HSM3. (they are going to have a new performance when that movie comes out).

i had the "pleasure" of working at the hub carts on Saturday and i go to see the second to last performance (not the last one bc i got my break when that one was coming on).

the performance was okay... nothing great but it was really sad since it was these cast members last performance of this show that they have been doing since forever.

anyway the moral of this story is working out side is really boring now since i no longer have HSM2 to listen to at work... so yesterday when i worked at the hub carts the most exciting thing that happened was the 3 o'clock parade and the 5 character greetings. and being scheldule from 2:20 to 8:30 was a really boring shift.

it also didn't help that i had to explain to a handful of children that HSM2 is no longer going on.. and ruin their magical moments.

i am also a little upset that i know songs from HSM2 and am never going to be able to use this knowledge again in my life... basically it is taking up to much space in my head. :(
ps.. i am sure kinsey loves this photo

Iowa Rocks


so on satuday during the iowa v iowa state game... i had to work. :(
i had allison text me updates during the game and i had my phone with me at work.
that day i had to work outside at the hub carts and so i couldn't really look at my phone but i checked it every 20 minutes.

after i received the text from her saying that we won... i saw two people wearing "beat iowa" tshirts.
being the hawkeye fan i am and forgetting i was working at disney. i yelled "how about them hawkeyes"
they walked over to me and said something along the lines "oh we still have a chance"
i responded "actually you just lost we won!"
they didn't seem very happy with me... but i love the fact that i could tell someone in florida that iowa state didn't win. i am sure i ruined their magic. but i am okay with that


my friend derek is awesome!


so last night we went to BW3 and decided to walk home bc we were to lazy to wait for the bus. it was only like a 15 min walk and we totally almost beat the bus home (john would be proud).

we took random photos.... enjoy
me and monique sitting on a fountain outside bw3.. we took this photo just for steph... to make fun of her million fountain photos she took in Italy

there was a perkins.... i had to take a photo next to it

Jessica's I'm walking under neath a scary bridge face


We stopped by to get snacks at the gas station by vista way. they charged us 1.19 for these nacho things even though it said it was only 99 cents on the package. if we would have been at hy-vee we would have gotten them for free. we were not very happy about it. :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

random nick names

so i promised in a forward that my mom sent out that i would explain the random nicknames i have.
i don't think this really deserves a post, but now that i have a new devotion to my blog i feel like these random post are necessary.

so at the beginning of the summer i woke up to a note on my door that said something like "warning: lizard in the bath room. just use roommates bathroom until it comes out"

i was not okay with this sign so i opened up our bathroom door and proceeded to try to catch the little lizard for the next 5 minutes.
finally i trap it under a glass and the next thing i know the lizard is shaking like crazy and i cut off its tail.
so i killed a lizard on accident and hence got the nickname lizard slayer. (my roommate erika had a whole song that kind of went "kelsey the lizard slayer she is the best")

the other nickname i have is wendy.
i forgot my name tag one day at work so i wnet to costuming and checked out a name tag.
i got Wendy from Orlando, Fl.

i am pretty sure that i have seen 5 other people with this name tag but for some reason at work this one girl always calls me wendy.
it is kind of bad bc me and this girl are friends now so she calls me wendy in random conversations and our fellow cast members are allways like why does she call you that.
and then we have to explain it to them

so that is it.

... i am sure kaci is loving all my recent post.
(i told you i was trying to update it more)

another ice cream story

so to add on to my ice cream story that i mentioned earlier.
so when me and this girl were wondering around dak (disney animal kingdom) trying to find ice cream. we stopped and asked a random cast member who worked at an outside food location were to find some at.

next thing i know i look at her name tag and it says "university of iowa" so basically i freak out and start asking this girl random questions about iowa and where she lives.
she wasn't as excited as me to find another person from iowa.. but i was

i found out she lives in building 7 and i live in 9 which is right across from me.
she told me that she came down here with someone else from iowa and seemed really freaked out that i was talking to her so i didn't get any more of her info.
but i know were she lives so i may randomly go visit her someday.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

mickey's not so scary halloween party

so a couple of weeks ago (i know i realize i am late with this post) they had a rehearsal for the parade that is going to be used for the mickey's not so scary Halloween event and only cast members were allowed to go to this rehearsal.

so mickey not so scary Halloween is an event they have twice a week at magic kingdom were the park closes at 7 and if you want to stay later you have to buy an extra ticket to get into the park.

they have trick-r-treating, people can dress up, a whole bunch of characters dressed up (aka mickey as a pirate of something), it is kind of like Halloween but with a disney twist.

so one Wednesday night they had a rehearsal for the parade and the headless horsemen going down main street. they asked cast members to come and view the event bc they wanted to record it and use it as advertisement.
this is the first time that i actual felt like i was getting something special from being a cast member and the first time i realized how many cast members disney actual had.

i didn't realize this event was going to take place until after i was already at magic kingdom watching the fire works (that is why there will be no photos). but they had us all go to ToonTown after the parked closed and wait for the guest to clear out.

at about 12 they let us all go to main street and it was so cool to see bc when we were walking to toontown there was nobody on main street (which was very eerie.. seeing the castle and no one in front of it) and now there were 100's of grown adults being just as excited as little kids.

so we waited for about 20 minutes and finally they had the headless horsemen come out.. which was really cool. it was one of those things were he was only out for like a second and if you blinked you missed it (which is very not like disney at all)

and then we waited for about another 20 minutes and they started the parade. which was the coolest parade i have ever seen. they had floats devoted to the haunted mansion with dancing ghost, one devoted to the pirate of the Caribbean ride, one devoted to disney villains, and they started out the parade with snow white (... which of course i love)
they just had a whole bunch or random semi-scary characters do really cool dances.
so i believe that when it comes to parades the themed parades are the best. :)

and if any of you were going to come to disney world and had money to spend on a ticket i would do it. i am pretty sure me and some of my friends are going to spend money and go one night... and i have already seen the parade.
(i think i really just want a reason to dress up like a character.. right now i am debating between hannah Montana and snow white)

if i was great a blogging i would give you a link to the parade on you tube (but since my Internet is slow and impossible to load any kind of online video) that is not going to happen. i could give you a random link to one that i think may be okay but i will never know what the quality of it would look like.

so here ia a random youtube video of the cast preview (that you were to take videos at) it shows the villain part of the parade. (and you can see how crazy the cast members sound)

so here as a random link i found that seems to have photos and a better description of the events

enjoy :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

new devotion to my blog

so i realized that i have been slacking on this whole blog thing but i have decided that i have plenty of stories to tell everyone that i haven't been writing about

so this all came about bc i meet a random person from iowa last week.

... so i was walking to go to a friends place and i saw someone wearing an iowa tshirt. at first i wasn't going to approach them but i decided that i should.
and basically we had a conversation that consisted of us telling each other were we are from (she goes to uni) and exchanging numbers and saying we should hang out on sunday.

along came sunday and we went to Animal kingdom (dak) and she informed me that she had a blog and she was telling me the random things she puts on it and i decided that i could be more like her and write more random things.

so my random story from hanging out with the girl from Waterloo is that eating ice cream in florida weather takes talent... and i have that talent.

we had an in depth conversation about ice cream and how i love it and how she has never got it in the parks. the reason she doesn't get it is bc she works in custodial and knows how messy it gets.

she says she doesn't want to get it bc she is doesn't want it to melt and get all over her and she doesn't want to drop it.... but i convince her to get it after about 20 min of conversation.

so i order my ice cream (a twist in a waffle cone!) and she orders the same. in less them 30 seconds she manages to drop half of her ice cream on the ground and gets it on herself.

of course she gets another free cone (the disney way) and we sit down to eat it. i manage not to drip it on my self once and she is basically covered in chocolate goodness.

we concluded that eating ice cream in the sun is something that takes three months of living in florida to understand.

Monday, September 8, 2008

night of joy

so this past weekend Hollywood studios had an event called night of joy where they had christian rock bands come and preform. this event took place on friday and Saturday and started a little after 6. on friday i worked in the morning so did not have the 'pleasure' of working the event. on Saturday i came in at 1:45 and was only schedule to 8 but i extended til 2:00 (it was my first 12 hours shift.. and that was an experience all it own).

during the night i was in the money room (counting down the registers for the night) since there was so many people we really were not allowed to close any registers until 1:45 (am) so i didn't get to leave work until 2:50... it was the quickest/longest money room experience ever.

so anyway bc of that we had a lot of time where me and the other person just kind of stood and cover people break.
during the night i dealt with more rude people then i have ever dealt with at disney. i had once guest tell me i should be fired bc i didn't know the answer to something and i had another one who cut in front of a whole line of people and while i was helping another guest ordered me to check them out bc they needed to catch the bus.

the majority of the guest were middle school and high school age people and i have learned that if you are under the age of 18 you are not capable of standing or thinking by yourself.
so that kind of explains the rudeness of the general group, but the above examples were people who were adults.

maybe it is bc these disney guest didn't really come in for the disney experience.. but just for the concert so they don't understand how disney is suppose to work.

i also was scheldule to work at 9:45 the next morning which i wasn't very happy about... but they changed my time to 11... so i got about 4 1/2 hour of sleep.

i did enjoy the high astomsphere of the event with the bands and the majority of them were good... but i could definitely go with out the massive group of people.