Friday, August 1, 2008

why i don't mind work anymore

i have decided that working at disney is no longer horrible. not that i ever though it was horrible, but maybe a little annoying.

it is okay now because i have decided that ever day you do the same thing and i actually enjoy the 45 sec conversation you have with people. for example on wed. we had extra magic hours (extra tragic hours is what i like to call it) but we were super busy and i was stuck at the register for most of the night. but the time went by fast because i would just talk to about ever other guest about random stuff.

i think i have realized that it doesn't matter if you make a fool of yourself because you are never going to see these people again.

i also 'have' to work at this place called sid's where they sell autographed pictures of famous people. i was real excited to work there before i actually had to work there because it is an interasting place. but at this place we may sell 3 autographed pictures a day. the last day i wokred we only sold 600 dollars worth of stuff. (we also sell books and pictures that are not signed for 20$).

anyway at that place you have to entertain yourself because there is not much to do there. so when i work there i have to actually talk to people and entertain myself. :)

so basically the work i actually do is boring but it no longer bothers me.

oh and ps... kassie, kaci, and kinsey are coming to visit me next week. i am real excited.


  1. i'm excited too! way excited about finding nemo room! thanks to your roomie! does everyone call it tragic hour? if not, thats pretty clever!

  2. by the way, this post was way over due.

  3. kinsey is very exciting about going to, she has her list made out. that place sounds like a neat place to work, maybe someone famous will stop bye.

  4. kaci.. everyone calls it that. i only wish i was that clever.

  5. I am so excited too!!! Only a few more days. I have been wondering for weeks why you are okay with your job now...