Tuesday, August 19, 2008

my family rocks

So basically my family is awesome
As many of you can tell from the previous wall post my sister came to visit me in Florida… and it was awesome.

We were able to go to all four parks and back to Jacksonville for a very exciting jaguars football game. It also only rained one day out of the four they were here. (which was shocking especially after I told them that it rains everyday here a million times.)

We went to magic kingdom the first day where kinsey got her free tshirt for “spilling” something on herself. The second day we went to animal kingdom were we able to final get our first autograph in our autograph book that I thought was essential to get. We also went to epcot. The third day we went to my park (Hollywood studios) and then back to epcot and then back to studios. And on Saturday we went to Jacksonville.

So the reasons why my sisters are awesome is bc they surprised me with the best bday presents every. The first being a cupcake cake, a shirt that say “pretty much awesome”, a princess diner (which was pretty much awesome), and a shirt that says completely corn-fed (to show of my iowa pride).

It was great having them here and I am so glad that they finally understand the idea that august is Kelsey's birthday month. !!!!

There was five albums of photos we took.. they mostly just consist of photos were you can’t see the background just our pretty faces.

I am hoping that kaci will post the links for the photos for people can look at them !


  1. yes you do have 3 awesome sisters, and since the nut dosen't fall off tree by itself. that mean you must have an awesome mom :-}. i have been trying to tell them that august is kelsey birthday-the bd that keeps going and going all of august. now you know they all agree! happy august bd kelsey, one of the awesome Sloss girls. you make us smile :-}

  2. I was about to harrass you about not updating your blog! We are awesome. So.. I got out of work today at noon b/c of Fay. =) it is supposed to be hear tonight maybe even as a hurricane!