Monday, August 25, 2008

my birthday

so this past saturday was my birthday... i turned an old 22.
i spent the day at epcot with a couple of my friends. where i got my (2nd) happy birthday button and a princess crown.

we also went to the yacht club and ate a kitchen sink sundae... which was very good. i got three balloons... the most out of anybody there who was celebrating their birthdays. (one person just got one balloon and two other girls got 2 balloons each... i can only come to the conclusion that everybody thinks i am awesome.)

i had two birthday cakes made for me one from monique and my friend jessica. (that makes a total of 3.. bc my sisters got me one too)
my birthday all together was not as depressing as a thought it would have been. but it did make me miss my friends and family greatly. but i realize that for the next coming months i don't have to take classes and most of my friends do... so i am okay with having another 4 months of summer :)


  1. i continue the first person to post reign...i'm pretty amazing!!

    i'm glad you had a good birthday and that you wore a princess crown

  2. we miss you too. i am so happy you had a good birthday month..... kaci i did beat you one time in posting............ :-}.....kelsey enjoy your extra summer vocation. we love you here back in iowa

  3. john and i are going to tampa the weekend of Sept 19th. we could see you on the friday night if you can get it off.