Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kinsey Kay's Guest Blog

This is my totally amazing guest post on Kelsey's blog. How excited are you? (there is a correct answer)

Because Kassie already gave the summary of our really awesome vacation, I will just tell a story. A story about BUZZZZZZ LIGHTYEAR.

We were walking into the Monster, Inc. Laughfloor and Kelsey saw one of her acquaintances (because her only friend is Monique). His name is Derrick, and he is Buzz Lightyear sometimes (which is totally awesome). Let's call him Buzz.

We bought an autograph book in the morning, and all day we didn't have a pen, so we asked Buzz if he had one that we could use. I told him that it would make our vacation magical if he gave it to us. He went to get a pen.

I continued to ask Buzz if I spilt something on my shirt and he saw it happen if he could get me a free shirt. He took his pen and walked away. I was sad.

Kelsey and I followed him. He pulled out a sheet of paper, and Kelsey proclaimed, "He is getting you a free shirt."

He then gave me a voucher for a free shirt. Then I got a shirt. Pretty awesome and MAGICALLLL:)

Buzz is cool.

The Toy Story ride was my favorite. My second favorite was Soarin'. My third favorite was Rockin' Rollercoaster.

My least favorite was The Tower of Terror followed by Expedition Everest.


  1. i'm jealous kinsey got a free shirt!
    that's so awesome...i would "spill" something on my shirt every chance i long as it wouldn't stain of course ;)