Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kassie's Guest Blog

We just got back from visiting Kelsey at Disney World. Kelsey was our tour guide. =) At Hollywood Studios we went and learned how to draw Tinkerbell-- that was awesome. My Tinkerbell actually looks like Tinkerbell! Kelsey had a fastpass to ride the new Toy Story ride at Hollywood studios. The ride was really cool. Those two things were the highlights of the trip for me.

In our hotel, we stayed in a Finding Nemo room, which basically means our bed spread was Nemo themed and there was a nemo themed wall paper border. To complete the Finding Nemo theme, we surprised Kelsey with a Finding Nemo cupcake cake for her birthday month.

We actually surprised Kelsey everyday (because her sisters rock!). The first day was the cake. On the second day, we had a t-shirt made for her that says "Pretty Much Awesome!". On Friday, we made reservations at a princess dining experience. Kelsey got to have pictures taken with 5 princesses. On Saturday, we gave Kelsey a t-shirt that says "Completely Corn-Fed." She is going to really miss us.

On Saturday night (tonight) we are going to go watch the Jaguars play a preseason game against Atlanta, it should be pretty much awesome.

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