Monday, August 25, 2008

fake hurricane

so this past week we were told there was going to be a hurricane coming through Orlando. but basically all that happen was a lot of rain and a little wind.
working that week was a lot of fun b/c everyday i was suppose to be outside it rained and so i did absolutely nothing all day.
i did have to listen to about 20 people a day complaining about how the rain has ruined their vacation. and just kept on telling them that i enjoy the rain b/c then it isn't hot... needless to say they did not like this response.

so the conclusion of my story is people in florida call 3 days of rain a tropical storm and in iowa we just call it rain.
... people in florida are weird.


  1. it was actually windy in jacksonville. but yea, I was not impressed in general by the storm. A blizzard is way worse.