Monday, August 25, 2008

my birthday

so this past saturday was my birthday... i turned an old 22.
i spent the day at epcot with a couple of my friends. where i got my (2nd) happy birthday button and a princess crown.

we also went to the yacht club and ate a kitchen sink sundae... which was very good. i got three balloons... the most out of anybody there who was celebrating their birthdays. (one person just got one balloon and two other girls got 2 balloons each... i can only come to the conclusion that everybody thinks i am awesome.)

i had two birthday cakes made for me one from monique and my friend jessica. (that makes a total of 3.. bc my sisters got me one too)
my birthday all together was not as depressing as a thought it would have been. but it did make me miss my friends and family greatly. but i realize that for the next coming months i don't have to take classes and most of my friends do... so i am okay with having another 4 months of summer :)

fake hurricane

so this past week we were told there was going to be a hurricane coming through Orlando. but basically all that happen was a lot of rain and a little wind.
working that week was a lot of fun b/c everyday i was suppose to be outside it rained and so i did absolutely nothing all day.
i did have to listen to about 20 people a day complaining about how the rain has ruined their vacation. and just kept on telling them that i enjoy the rain b/c then it isn't hot... needless to say they did not like this response.

so the conclusion of my story is people in florida call 3 days of rain a tropical storm and in iowa we just call it rain.
... people in florida are weird.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

my family rocks

So basically my family is awesome
As many of you can tell from the previous wall post my sister came to visit me in Florida… and it was awesome.

We were able to go to all four parks and back to Jacksonville for a very exciting jaguars football game. It also only rained one day out of the four they were here. (which was shocking especially after I told them that it rains everyday here a million times.)

We went to magic kingdom the first day where kinsey got her free tshirt for “spilling” something on herself. The second day we went to animal kingdom were we able to final get our first autograph in our autograph book that I thought was essential to get. We also went to epcot. The third day we went to my park (Hollywood studios) and then back to epcot and then back to studios. And on Saturday we went to Jacksonville.

So the reasons why my sisters are awesome is bc they surprised me with the best bday presents every. The first being a cupcake cake, a shirt that say “pretty much awesome”, a princess diner (which was pretty much awesome), and a shirt that says completely corn-fed (to show of my iowa pride).

It was great having them here and I am so glad that they finally understand the idea that august is Kelsey's birthday month. !!!!

There was five albums of photos we took.. they mostly just consist of photos were you can’t see the background just our pretty faces.

I am hoping that kaci will post the links for the photos for people can look at them !

Sunday, August 10, 2008


At Epcot.

.... notice the awesome matching tshirts

At Animal Kingdom

... notice the pretty much awesome tshirt (one of the many bday presents i got)

At Magic Kingdom

At hollywood studios

i guess we didn't take one in front of the hat (this was taken in one of the stores i work at)

Downtown Disney (the store monique works)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kaci's Guest Blog Post

Disney world was pretty amazing! My highlight was definitely having a personal tour guide, Kelsey :) She was great and gave us lots of useless information at every corner.

Kelsey pretty much spoiled me too and gave me many magical moments, since it was my first time at Disney World. The favorite of it all was this cute little pin she gave me with Tinker Bell on it that said "wish upon a star." Sadly I lost it :( I then went to Guest Relations. (I guess their job is to make sure everyone leaves DW with a smile on their face.) I told them how I lost my pin and they gave me a new one!!!! It was pretty sweet.

That's all I have now. Stay Tuned for lots of photos!!

Kinsey Kay's Guest Blog

This is my totally amazing guest post on Kelsey's blog. How excited are you? (there is a correct answer)

Because Kassie already gave the summary of our really awesome vacation, I will just tell a story. A story about BUZZZZZZ LIGHTYEAR.

We were walking into the Monster, Inc. Laughfloor and Kelsey saw one of her acquaintances (because her only friend is Monique). His name is Derrick, and he is Buzz Lightyear sometimes (which is totally awesome). Let's call him Buzz.

We bought an autograph book in the morning, and all day we didn't have a pen, so we asked Buzz if he had one that we could use. I told him that it would make our vacation magical if he gave it to us. He went to get a pen.

I continued to ask Buzz if I spilt something on my shirt and he saw it happen if he could get me a free shirt. He took his pen and walked away. I was sad.

Kelsey and I followed him. He pulled out a sheet of paper, and Kelsey proclaimed, "He is getting you a free shirt."

He then gave me a voucher for a free shirt. Then I got a shirt. Pretty awesome and MAGICALLLL:)

Buzz is cool.

The Toy Story ride was my favorite. My second favorite was Soarin'. My third favorite was Rockin' Rollercoaster.

My least favorite was The Tower of Terror followed by Expedition Everest.

Kassie's Guest Blog

We just got back from visiting Kelsey at Disney World. Kelsey was our tour guide. =) At Hollywood Studios we went and learned how to draw Tinkerbell-- that was awesome. My Tinkerbell actually looks like Tinkerbell! Kelsey had a fastpass to ride the new Toy Story ride at Hollywood studios. The ride was really cool. Those two things were the highlights of the trip for me.

In our hotel, we stayed in a Finding Nemo room, which basically means our bed spread was Nemo themed and there was a nemo themed wall paper border. To complete the Finding Nemo theme, we surprised Kelsey with a Finding Nemo cupcake cake for her birthday month.

We actually surprised Kelsey everyday (because her sisters rock!). The first day was the cake. On the second day, we had a t-shirt made for her that says "Pretty Much Awesome!". On Friday, we made reservations at a princess dining experience. Kelsey got to have pictures taken with 5 princesses. On Saturday, we gave Kelsey a t-shirt that says "Completely Corn-Fed." She is going to really miss us.

On Saturday night (tonight) we are going to go watch the Jaguars play a preseason game against Atlanta, it should be pretty much awesome.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

my roommate monique's consume. her picture gets to be bigger then most b/c she wouldn't let me take one for the longest time.
she also wouldn't let me take a picture of it tucked in. but you get the idea
she works at downtown disney

Friday, August 1, 2008

why i don't mind work anymore

i have decided that working at disney is no longer horrible. not that i ever though it was horrible, but maybe a little annoying.

it is okay now because i have decided that ever day you do the same thing and i actually enjoy the 45 sec conversation you have with people. for example on wed. we had extra magic hours (extra tragic hours is what i like to call it) but we were super busy and i was stuck at the register for most of the night. but the time went by fast because i would just talk to about ever other guest about random stuff.

i think i have realized that it doesn't matter if you make a fool of yourself because you are never going to see these people again.

i also 'have' to work at this place called sid's where they sell autographed pictures of famous people. i was real excited to work there before i actually had to work there because it is an interasting place. but at this place we may sell 3 autographed pictures a day. the last day i wokred we only sold 600 dollars worth of stuff. (we also sell books and pictures that are not signed for 20$).

anyway at that place you have to entertain yourself because there is not much to do there. so when i work there i have to actually talk to people and entertain myself. :)

so basically the work i actually do is boring but it no longer bothers me.

oh and ps... kassie, kaci, and kinsey are coming to visit me next week. i am real excited.