Tuesday, July 15, 2008

so i have been here allmost 2 months...

i thought i would write a blog about things i have learned, questions people ask me, etc.. since being here.
i suppose i should start with the stupid questions b/c those are the best

Q: i bought this at disney world can i return it here
A: you are at disney world you can return it anywhere at disney world
response: you know what i mean

Q: So where is the castle
A: at magic Kingdom
Response: i thought everything was connected

Q: do you work here
A: Yes (thinking: no i just choose to wear this adorable costume)

Q: What time does the 3 o'clock Parade begin
A: you mean the 3 o'clock parade?

Q: Does High School Musical 2 have fast passes
A: no it is a show like a parade.

Q: Is This the real High School Musical
A: Yes.. they sing all the songs
response: Is zach Efron going to be here?
me: um...no

Q: i took the monorail here how do i get back on it
A: the monorail doesn't come to this park..

Q: oh i see you are from Iowa how exciting
A: i know people from iowa are awesome.. are you from there
Response: no we are from *insert random state far from Iowa*

Q: where can i find thing1 and thing 2 t-shirts
A: at universal studios

So that is all i can think of at this moment
but here is some things i have learned
- it will rain everyday in Florida and if it doesn't that means the next day it is going to rain all day
- you will at least here 5 people say how the rain has ruined their vacation
- people expect you to know everything when working at disney world.... like where can you find a Dumbo plush toy
- the bus will not stop for you even if you are running after it
- it is creepy to talk to little kids at walmart but not creepy to talk to them at work
- i will always do the disney point.. even when i'm not at work
- no one will have the same days off as you
- if you get off at 11:00 your fellow cast members will be jealous of you.
- if i work at 2:00 i have to set my alarm
- the character will only stay out for 20 mins. and then you will see some little girl cry bc they were not able to get a picture with belle.
- full time disney people are a little weird
- doing "magical moments" are not as magical as you may think

so there may be more to come later... but know i have to go to work. :(


  1. good post Kelsey. And I am first!

  2. that was a good post, kelsey and I am second. It was very informative. I feel like I am there. You are making us proud to be from from Iowa.

  3. haha!
    i'm a couple days behind but i think it was a good post too.

  4. i like your answer to the zac efron questin haha