Friday, July 4, 2008

happy the 4th of july

so today i have to work from 6-2:30 which wouldn't be bad but i am stuck doing stock for the night. which means i will be stuck in the back room hanging up tshirts for 8 hours.
i am hope that they will let us see the fireworks since at hollywood studios they only have fireworks twice a year (today and new years eve). but that all depends on which manager is working. i will inform you all later.

i am also working on forming some sort of online photo album thing for i can post more photos. i took a lot of pictures of star wars people for kaci and i am sure she is very eager to see them.


  1. after being off the computer for a week I am back on. i am so happy. :} so did you get to se the fireworks !!!

  2. I saw on facebook that you didn't get to see the fireworks. That is a bummer. In August we'll see the fireworks in every park. =)

  3. Kassie, we will be able to see fireworks in every park... except, of course, hollywood studios.

  4. hey!! i signed up.
    this is so exciting.
    i wasn't sure if i could do it but since i have a gmail account i now i'm a blogger and your mom can't be mad at me for not saying anything.

    yay! :)

    ok now it's time for you kelsey to post a new blog so i can comment on it.

  5. it is really about time you post a new blog. it has been over a week!