Sunday, July 20, 2008

so i just thought i would let everyone know that my computer is broken.
i knew the day would come b/c for the last 4 months it has been acting funny... but i thought i fixed the problem.
so i may not be able to update my blog as often as i would normally. i am going to try since my wonderful roommate monique told me i could use her computer whenever i want.

ps.. i have decided that i don't really mind work that much anymore.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Erika also works in Hollywood studios but she works in the back part.
i wear this costume if i work the hub carts

In my main entrance costume

Emily in the costume she wears at mission space in epcot

Pam in the costume she wears in magic kingdom in frontier land

Christie works hospitality at Caribbean beach resort

My roommate monique would not let me take a picture of her in her costume some day i will get it and post it here... :)

so i have been here allmost 2 months...

i thought i would write a blog about things i have learned, questions people ask me, etc.. since being here.
i suppose i should start with the stupid questions b/c those are the best

Q: i bought this at disney world can i return it here
A: you are at disney world you can return it anywhere at disney world
response: you know what i mean

Q: So where is the castle
A: at magic Kingdom
Response: i thought everything was connected

Q: do you work here
A: Yes (thinking: no i just choose to wear this adorable costume)

Q: What time does the 3 o'clock Parade begin
A: you mean the 3 o'clock parade?

Q: Does High School Musical 2 have fast passes
A: no it is a show like a parade.

Q: Is This the real High School Musical
A: Yes.. they sing all the songs
response: Is zach Efron going to be here?

Q: i took the monorail here how do i get back on it
A: the monorail doesn't come to this park..

Q: oh i see you are from Iowa how exciting
A: i know people from iowa are awesome.. are you from there
Response: no we are from *insert random state far from Iowa*

Q: where can i find thing1 and thing 2 t-shirts
A: at universal studios

So that is all i can think of at this moment
but here is some things i have learned
- it will rain everyday in Florida and if it doesn't that means the next day it is going to rain all day
- you will at least here 5 people say how the rain has ruined their vacation
- people expect you to know everything when working at disney world.... like where can you find a Dumbo plush toy
- the bus will not stop for you even if you are running after it
- it is creepy to talk to little kids at walmart but not creepy to talk to them at work
- i will always do the disney point.. even when i'm not at work
- no one will have the same days off as you
- if you get off at 11:00 your fellow cast members will be jealous of you.
- if i work at 2:00 i have to set my alarm
- the character will only stay out for 20 mins. and then you will see some little girl cry bc they were not able to get a picture with belle.
- full time disney people are a little weird
- doing "magical moments" are not as magical as you may think

so there may be more to come later... but know i have to go to work. :(

Sunday, July 13, 2008

soo i will update this soon i promise.
today i had a busy day. me and my roommate monique went to daytona beach today. i have been up for a very long time and i am a nice shade of pink.
disney has been keeping me busy and today was the only day i have off this week.

expect an update on tuesday... if i don't have one then you can all send me mean emails :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

happy the 4th of july

so today i have to work from 6-2:30 which wouldn't be bad but i am stuck doing stock for the night. which means i will be stuck in the back room hanging up tshirts for 8 hours.
i am hope that they will let us see the fireworks since at hollywood studios they only have fireworks twice a year (today and new years eve). but that all depends on which manager is working. i will inform you all later.

i am also working on forming some sort of online photo album thing for i can post more photos. i took a lot of pictures of star wars people for kaci and i am sure she is very eager to see them.