Friday, June 13, 2008

random people from iowa

so on my name tag it says "university of iowa" instead of what town i am from. so i sometimes get random comments of people being like "oh look she is not from a town, just a place" and then i have to spend a couple of minutes explaining it to them. i also get some people who say things like "oh my daughters name is kelsey and she is from Iowa" but the people i enjoy the most who just say they are from iowa or know someone who graduated from iowa. these people are nice people who don't expect you to hold a long intense conversation with them

yesterday it was muggy and rained a little bit so i was expecting very little people to be in the parks, but i was wrong. yesterday was probably the busiest day i have work yet. and of course around 9:00 when we are getting a lot people that are leaving the parks for the end of the night. A random guy walks up to me and awkwardly starts talking to me.

he says he is from the quad cities and i do my normal iowa bit... like i hope you are not a cyclone bc then i am not going to be able to talk to you. (i know i am funny). but of course he actually graduated from Iowa state. we start talking about my major and he is one of those people who don't understand political science majors and i have to explain to him what i want to do with rest of my life and then he kind of ruins my dream by saying it was unrealistic (ps i want to make campaign commercials) then he just continues to awkwardly talk to me (i mean he was just a very awkward person.. i mean very very awkward person). he stands their while i am helping out other guest. Finally his family comes up to check out and i find out his wife graduate from Iowa so we talk a little about that. his family also buys postcards and i sell them stamps and none of them even know how to address a post card or they have no idea were to put the stamps.. so i have to explain it all to them.

and after they are finished they still stand their and talk to me about stuff that i don't really care about but of course i talk to them in my nice Disney way because i don't want to get in trouble.
in conclusion i had to talk to this boring person who graduate from iowa state for a good 20 minutes because i was trying to be a good cast member.

oh and i don't think i mentioned this earlier but ever weekend this month is star wars weekends and they have various celebrities come. i guess today the original dark Vader is coming and he hasn't been here for 13 years. so last night when i got off work at 1:00 am their was already a line of people to get into the parks. (people are crazy)


  1. random people from iowa sound annoying ;)

  2. ok i will try this one more time. it is hard to teach an old brain new tricks

  3. ok kelsey. if i was in FL. and i met someone named Kelsey, I also would say, oh i have a girl named kelsey and she from iowa too.. I would also say i have girls named Kassie, Kaci and kelsey is hard to beat the system i had going there...