Sunday, June 29, 2008

people from china

kaci will enjoy these following stories.
so i work with this guy from hong kong who can barely speaks English and asks me at least a million questions a day.

the best one he asked me was 'where is the university of iowa' obviously i realize that he doesn't know where iowa is so i do this thing were i show him my palm and i say if my hand was the US iowa would be right here. and then he ask 'west coast or east coast' and i look at him and just say 'neither the middle' and then he was like ohh. i am sure he still has no idea were iowa is.
he also got in to an indepth conversation with me about why Americans think asian are unattractive. i told him that some asians are okay looking they are just not my type and i tried explaining to him that some people (like mike) like asians a lot and he was very interested in that. i don't think he realized i was talking about a guy.

he also asked me what actors from china i find attractive. and i just told him that i have seen chinese movies but have no ideas who the actors were. he just couldn't understand that.

i was explaining to another girl from bejing about how one of my roommates is really depressed and doesn't like it here. her response was "really i thought everyone in the US was like you" i told her that no i was just awesome!

i can see why kaci really like china... they are all just so amazed by what you have to say.


  1. its kind of true too :)

    also since you referred to mike in this post, he better post a comment

  2. this one made me laugh out loud.