Tuesday, June 17, 2008

kassie and snow white!

i met snow white today :) we are practically best friends now.

Kassie also came to visit me this weekend (i know you are all very jealous). we had a fun filled weekend. we went to go eat at house of blues and then played mini golf at a disney place. i let kassie and john beat me to make them feel better about themselves. kassie won.. i thought she needed the 'win' more then i did.

we also hung out by the pool at the hotel kassie and john were staying at. it was the first Florida pool experience for me. lol
i also had my first experience at IKEA. which was interesting, even though we didn't buy anything.

on sunday we went to CiCi (an all you can get pizza buffet, mom would like it.) john was happy with the food and kassie was not. after that we went to play mini golf again and both me and john managed to hit our golf balls into the water. i was the only one who got a hole in one on this golf course! but of course i still didn't win. :(

i guess this doesn't sound that exciting but considering that disney is ruining my life this was pretty exciting!

ps.. kassie rocks at mini-golf! and you should only play with her if you want to lose. :)



    it is by far the cutest princess photo you have taken....
    i'm also impressed with your ability to insert a photo in the middle of you blog.

  2. I am totally still bragging about how I won mini golf twice this past weekend. I told some people at work, and they were like "so your sister really likes mini golf" and I had to say no. They totally didn't care that I won TWICE!

  3. btw I also like the best friend comment. Totally funny.