Wednesday, June 25, 2008

hanging out at magic kingdom

so me and my roommate monique had Monday and Tuesday off so we decided we needed to explore Magic Kingdom bc we have been here a month and we really haven't gone to that park.
so the story begins by getting on the bus to go to magic kingdom and we were going to get off at the stop that just takes you to the transportation center but we wanted to follow everyone else and explore the tunnels underneath the park. so it is going great we begin by just following people but then the next thing we know we are lost. there is seriously no one around us. and the signs are not helping us at all. we both thought it would be more clearly marked about where we were at, but of course it wasn't.

so the tunnels are very boring and not magical at all and i would not recommend paying the 200 dollars to take a tour of the tunnels.

anyway me and monique continue to walk around and someone finally comes up to use and is like "so i can see that you are lost. i don't have to work until 2 so i can show you around" so this random guy who i have no idea what is name is saved me and monique from looking like idiots.
to get out of the tunnels we had to get into an elevator and go up to the second floor (which is the park). i would have thought there would have been some sort of staircase of incline thing to walk through. so basically it was a good thing that people who work at disney are nice.

at the park itself we went on the astro orbiter, big thunder mountain, peter pan flight, and snow white ride. but the more excited thing was that we went and saw characters.
we got pictures with buzz lightyear, stitch, chip and dale, fairy god mother, and captain hook.
i was the most excited about buzz lightyear.

(random little fact: so disney owns pixar but pixar still owns the character and they won't allow the characters sign autographs. so the pixar characters use a stamp)

oh i also got very sunburned... i figure it was about time i have been living in florida a month and was still pasty white. now i am i nice pink shade.


  1. yes i'm first again...maybe that is a sign i spend to much time on the internet. Are there only tunnels in the Magic Kingdom?

  2. I am so happy you were able to see the underground world. I am very disapointed that it was boring though. I had such high hopes. I think Kaci must spend too much time on the internet.

  3. it is all about subscribing to the rss feed. you should look into it; they are amazing!