Friday, June 13, 2008

gay days

so i know i promised crazy stories about random star wars fan but the weekend was kind of out shadowed by the fact that Orlando was having gay days that weekend too. I was also "lucky" enough to work till 11:30 on Saturday night when Disney had a concert for the event that started at 10:00.
so my the park closed at 9:00 but they still had their fantasmic 25 min show at 9:00. but unlike most days we closed the store and everything in the park at 9:00 so when the people got done with the show they had to leave bc there was nothing else for them to do. If was very odd being able to close our store early bc some nights we don't close our store until 12:00 bc their is so many people.
the fun part of the night came when 10:00 oclock rolled around. all of a sudden all you here is this really loud techno music (very un-disney music). and tons of guys walking down the main street in Hollywood studios. it was just odd to see a group of men who all looked very similar walking in the park. there was some females but the ratio was probably every 30 men 1 women.

after i got off work on Friday i did some research on the event (actually i just went to bc i was very interested by the whole thing. but supposedly Friday was the day to be at hollywood stuido, Saturday was magic kingdom, and sunday was Epcot. (i guess animal kingdom was too good for them). on saturday when they were at magic kingdom you were suppose to wear red to show your support or show that you were gay... we tried looking it up online why it was red but we couldn't find any info about why. (just that they were red every year).
i will admit that i was a little disappointed that i spent friday being fascinated by the star wars fan instead of being fascinated by the gay people.

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  1. do any of the star wars fans dress up? if so, do you have any good pics, cause if you do, you should post them