Friday, June 20, 2008

finally you get to see my costume

so i sent my family members and some friends a text of what my costume looked like but for some of them (aka Kaci) the text was not good enough and would like me to display the photo online.

so here is a photograph that one of my roommates took last night when i got home around 2:00 am. she decided it was best to stand on a chair and take it from above (maybe to try to add some excitement to the outfit)

for this photo i tried making it as small as possible for maybe won't notice how bad i look in this outfit. but if i had learned anything about the disney look it is that they want everybody to look bad and unattractive.


  1. I think my favorite part is the that a skirt or capris?

    anytime you get to wear a different outfit I think you need to post that too. and it would be fun if we could see your roommates outfits, for those of us that have never been to disney :)

  2. You outfit is probably one of the better ones at Disney...

  3. Hey I am trying to post a comment, but I forgot my password. Let's see if this works

  4. Hey I think it worked. I like your costume