Sunday, June 29, 2008

i added a fancy link... now you can subscribe to my blog. :)

i'm not completely sure how to do it... but you are all smart people and i have faith that you can figure it out.

people from china

kaci will enjoy these following stories.
so i work with this guy from hong kong who can barely speaks English and asks me at least a million questions a day.

the best one he asked me was 'where is the university of iowa' obviously i realize that he doesn't know where iowa is so i do this thing were i show him my palm and i say if my hand was the US iowa would be right here. and then he ask 'west coast or east coast' and i look at him and just say 'neither the middle' and then he was like ohh. i am sure he still has no idea were iowa is.
he also got in to an indepth conversation with me about why Americans think asian are unattractive. i told him that some asians are okay looking they are just not my type and i tried explaining to him that some people (like mike) like asians a lot and he was very interested in that. i don't think he realized i was talking about a guy.

he also asked me what actors from china i find attractive. and i just told him that i have seen chinese movies but have no ideas who the actors were. he just couldn't understand that.

i was explaining to another girl from bejing about how one of my roommates is really depressed and doesn't like it here. her response was "really i thought everyone in the US was like you" i told her that no i was just awesome!

i can see why kaci really like china... they are all just so amazed by what you have to say.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

here you go mom

so i took this pic at magic kingdom just for you mom!
it has corn in it and i know how much you love things that remind you of iowa!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

hanging out at magic kingdom

so me and my roommate monique had Monday and Tuesday off so we decided we needed to explore Magic Kingdom bc we have been here a month and we really haven't gone to that park.
so the story begins by getting on the bus to go to magic kingdom and we were going to get off at the stop that just takes you to the transportation center but we wanted to follow everyone else and explore the tunnels underneath the park. so it is going great we begin by just following people but then the next thing we know we are lost. there is seriously no one around us. and the signs are not helping us at all. we both thought it would be more clearly marked about where we were at, but of course it wasn't.

so the tunnels are very boring and not magical at all and i would not recommend paying the 200 dollars to take a tour of the tunnels.

anyway me and monique continue to walk around and someone finally comes up to use and is like "so i can see that you are lost. i don't have to work until 2 so i can show you around" so this random guy who i have no idea what is name is saved me and monique from looking like idiots.
to get out of the tunnels we had to get into an elevator and go up to the second floor (which is the park). i would have thought there would have been some sort of staircase of incline thing to walk through. so basically it was a good thing that people who work at disney are nice.

at the park itself we went on the astro orbiter, big thunder mountain, peter pan flight, and snow white ride. but the more excited thing was that we went and saw characters.
we got pictures with buzz lightyear, stitch, chip and dale, fairy god mother, and captain hook.
i was the most excited about buzz lightyear.

(random little fact: so disney owns pixar but pixar still owns the character and they won't allow the characters sign autographs. so the pixar characters use a stamp)

oh i also got very sunburned... i figure it was about time i have been living in florida a month and was still pasty white. now i am i nice pink shade.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

best person ever

i was told today by a quest that i was the nicest person they have encountered at disney world. which obviously makes me feel great about myself. disney should give me a raise or something :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

finally you get to see my costume

so i sent my family members and some friends a text of what my costume looked like but for some of them (aka Kaci) the text was not good enough and would like me to display the photo online.

so here is a photograph that one of my roommates took last night when i got home around 2:00 am. she decided it was best to stand on a chair and take it from above (maybe to try to add some excitement to the outfit)

for this photo i tried making it as small as possible for maybe won't notice how bad i look in this outfit. but if i had learned anything about the disney look it is that they want everybody to look bad and unattractive.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

kassie and snow white!

i met snow white today :) we are practically best friends now.

Kassie also came to visit me this weekend (i know you are all very jealous). we had a fun filled weekend. we went to go eat at house of blues and then played mini golf at a disney place. i let kassie and john beat me to make them feel better about themselves. kassie won.. i thought she needed the 'win' more then i did.

we also hung out by the pool at the hotel kassie and john were staying at. it was the first Florida pool experience for me. lol
i also had my first experience at IKEA. which was interesting, even though we didn't buy anything.

on sunday we went to CiCi (an all you can get pizza buffet, mom would like it.) john was happy with the food and kassie was not. after that we went to play mini golf again and both me and john managed to hit our golf balls into the water. i was the only one who got a hole in one on this golf course! but of course i still didn't win. :(

i guess this doesn't sound that exciting but considering that disney is ruining my life this was pretty exciting!

ps.. kassie rocks at mini-golf! and you should only play with her if you want to lose. :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

random people from iowa

so on my name tag it says "university of iowa" instead of what town i am from. so i sometimes get random comments of people being like "oh look she is not from a town, just a place" and then i have to spend a couple of minutes explaining it to them. i also get some people who say things like "oh my daughters name is kelsey and she is from Iowa" but the people i enjoy the most who just say they are from iowa or know someone who graduated from iowa. these people are nice people who don't expect you to hold a long intense conversation with them

yesterday it was muggy and rained a little bit so i was expecting very little people to be in the parks, but i was wrong. yesterday was probably the busiest day i have work yet. and of course around 9:00 when we are getting a lot people that are leaving the parks for the end of the night. A random guy walks up to me and awkwardly starts talking to me.

he says he is from the quad cities and i do my normal iowa bit... like i hope you are not a cyclone bc then i am not going to be able to talk to you. (i know i am funny). but of course he actually graduated from Iowa state. we start talking about my major and he is one of those people who don't understand political science majors and i have to explain to him what i want to do with rest of my life and then he kind of ruins my dream by saying it was unrealistic (ps i want to make campaign commercials) then he just continues to awkwardly talk to me (i mean he was just a very awkward person.. i mean very very awkward person). he stands their while i am helping out other guest. Finally his family comes up to check out and i find out his wife graduate from Iowa so we talk a little about that. his family also buys postcards and i sell them stamps and none of them even know how to address a post card or they have no idea were to put the stamps.. so i have to explain it all to them.

and after they are finished they still stand their and talk to me about stuff that i don't really care about but of course i talk to them in my nice Disney way because i don't want to get in trouble.
in conclusion i had to talk to this boring person who graduate from iowa state for a good 20 minutes because i was trying to be a good cast member.

oh and i don't think i mentioned this earlier but ever weekend this month is star wars weekends and they have various celebrities come. i guess today the original dark Vader is coming and he hasn't been here for 13 years. so last night when i got off work at 1:00 am their was already a line of people to get into the parks. (people are crazy)

gay days

so i know i promised crazy stories about random star wars fan but the weekend was kind of out shadowed by the fact that Orlando was having gay days that weekend too. I was also "lucky" enough to work till 11:30 on Saturday night when Disney had a concert for the event that started at 10:00.
so my the park closed at 9:00 but they still had their fantasmic 25 min show at 9:00. but unlike most days we closed the store and everything in the park at 9:00 so when the people got done with the show they had to leave bc there was nothing else for them to do. If was very odd being able to close our store early bc some nights we don't close our store until 12:00 bc their is so many people.
the fun part of the night came when 10:00 oclock rolled around. all of a sudden all you here is this really loud techno music (very un-disney music). and tons of guys walking down the main street in Hollywood studios. it was just odd to see a group of men who all looked very similar walking in the park. there was some females but the ratio was probably every 30 men 1 women.

after i got off work on Friday i did some research on the event (actually i just went to bc i was very interested by the whole thing. but supposedly Friday was the day to be at hollywood stuido, Saturday was magic kingdom, and sunday was Epcot. (i guess animal kingdom was too good for them). on saturday when they were at magic kingdom you were suppose to wear red to show your support or show that you were gay... we tried looking it up online why it was red but we couldn't find any info about why. (just that they were red every year).
i will admit that i was a little disappointed that i spent friday being fascinated by the star wars fan instead of being fascinated by the gay people.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Star Wars Weekend

today was my first experience with any kind of major event at disney world. i am "lucky" enough to work at Hollywood Studios so i get to experience the star wars mania first hand. And of course i know nothing about star wars so when someone asks if i have a stormtroopers toy i just kind of give them a blank stare and send them to another store with out knowing what a stormtrooper even looks like.
It is even worse when they have the celebrities in the parade because the crowd goes crazy and starts screaming and taking photos and i stand there feeling like an idiot b/c i have never heard of them before. But my favorite moment is when they are introducing one character and the only reason i recognized him was b/c he was also in a harry potter movie.

i imagine that tomorrow will be 10x more busy and i will have some interesting stories for you all :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Here you go Kaci

kaci had this brilliant idea for me to start a blog for i can give everybody day to day updates on my life. which will probably be more like week to week updates.

so today i worked from 3:30 to 9:30. which wasn't that bad. but i did spend the first two hours having to stand outside in an outfit not meant for standing outside, so needless to say i was very hot. I thought i would only be out there for 30 minutes because i assumed i was just covering someones break but of course i was covering the area until the next person came out. and the person who was suppose to come out was like 20 minutes late.

i also meet like 3 people who either lived in Iowa City or graduate from the university of iowa which was pretty exciting. one of them was like i love running into people from the Midwest b/c they don't talk funny. :)

tomorrow i have to work from 10-8 so that should be interesting. and Friday is the beginning of star wars weekends and they also have gay days this weekend, so it should be interesting tomorrow.
i will keep you all posted. (now that i can)

thanks kaci!